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Powering football team performance? 1-0.

Powering football team performance? 1-0

We used tech, data and analysis to provide Europe’s top football teams with a competitive edge. Get the ball rolling on your career.

Get the ball rolling on your career.

No matter where you choose to work at KPMG, you’ll have the opportunity to make a lasting impact while utilizing your unique skills to the fullest.

KPMG’s Football Benchmark is an interactive platform that provides in-depth analysis of the financial and operational performance of more than 200 top European and South American professional football clubs, as well as social-media performance metrics for over 500 clubs and 2,000 players.

A wealth of data is presented in a dashboard format, enabling easy comparison and evaluation to support critical decision making. It’s a tool used by teams and organizations including Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Chelsea, the Bundesliga and more – giving them a winning edge in the world’s most competitive sport.

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