Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

We value fresh perspectives and actively seek out deep knowledge and experience to better serve clients and relentlessly improve ourselves.

We value the fresh perspective, deep knowledge and experience-based

KPMG’s Global Strategy Group (GSG) wants industry and issue-based experts and leaders. We are always looking for experienced professionals who can shape and inspire both our clients and our people.

We seek candidates from a variety of functional and industry backgrounds. We are looking for strategic thinkers and doers who know how to create insights and ideas and guide clients from innovation to results.

As a member of our team, you will apply your expertise to a diverse set of client challenges such as developing enterprise-wide strategies, shaping and delivering the next wave of growth for an organization, coaching a CEO on how to align their top management team, improving agility and efficiency, or developing a collaboration strategy to enter new channels and markets.

You will have opportunities to expand your leadership and management skills. International assignments are a vital part of learning and development, so in addition to client projects, team members have the opportunity for short and long term placements across KPMG’s global network.


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