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Low-code platforms delivery high rewards, text overlay

By Rui Gonçalves, Bruno Martins

Has the 'need for speed' ever been more profound than in today's increasingly complex business environment? Businesses in every sector are pursuing the fastest and most-efficient response to the pressing need for modern work environments, digital capabilities and new business models. For a fast-growing number of organizations racing to accelerate innovation and enhance competitiveness in today's new reality, low-code is the answer.

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Trends in artificial intelligence

By Masayuki Chatani, John Lee and Tim Denley

The 'need for speed' - as COVID-19's impact continues to demonstrate - has never been more profound in today's increasingly complex business environment. And as the scope and pace of change accelerate unabated, the number of businesses pursuing automation and artificial intelligence to enhance competitiveness - and their prospects for survival - is spiralling upward.

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Network of Trust around IOT banner image

By Greg Corlis

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a game changer for the next two decades and beyond. However, the reality in many enterprises today is the level of IoT adoption still remains low. Learn how organizations can harness the value of IoT to deliver increased efficiencies, waste reduction and automated processes to their organization.

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AI: The new power generation banner image

By Cliff Justice

Today, many organizations are exploring artificial intelligence (AI) adoption as a mainstream technology. Understanding the growth potential for AI can help prepare for a business landscape that will transform and identify a new way of thinking to help guide your decisions and AI investments.

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Managing expectations of an AI utopia

By Sander Klous and Martin Sokalski

How should we manage the expectations around artificial intelligence when, every week, a new academic, business or media report raises the bar on how AI will transform our world?

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Streaks of light

By Laszlo Peter

In today’s hyper-connected cross-border trading environment, most organizations lack a common language to describe and allocate assets traveling through the value chain. The standards that allow one organization’s assets to talk to another’s securely are often absent or poorly understood.

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Colored points

By Ondřej Kulhánek

How do we value our data? That's the question so many in business are asking at a time when the volume of data available to companies is growing exponentially. What companies are realizing is there is no finite answer. Unlike tangible assets, the value of data can grow the more ways it is utilized and the more insights that are drawn from it. 

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Radial pattern

By William F. Nowacki

Successful businesses have long relied on predictive modeling and analytics to understand how to unlock opportunities and to invest for development as well as anticipate future areas of growth.

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Colored lines

By Bradley Fisher

In an era being shaped by global economic, political and technological challenges CEOs must confront many uncertainties as they map the future of their business. One trend is clear however — the growing importance of data in shaping critical business decisions. How they handle, manage and utilize that data will, to a great degree, define their own success as they navigate their digital journeys.

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