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Industry analyst awards

Industry analyst awards

KPMG a leader in IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Business & Industrial IoT Consulting and Systems Integration Services 2020

Ensuring the proper set of capabilities align with your unique business challenges, however, is anything but straight forward with a myriad of infrastructure, platforms, and application choices. A clear path to unite these technologies requires a properly formulated plan from business case to requirements to design and implementation. KPMG can help your business develop a sensible approach to harness the power of IoT.

KPMG helps our clients realize the value of IoT across our management consulting, risk, and tax practices.

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IDC MarketScape Worldwide Intelligent Automation Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

KPMG named a leader in IDC MarketScape Worldwide Intelligent Automation Services 2019 Vendor Assessment

Intelligent automation technologies are redefining value creation and reshaping the way organizations do business.

Businesses around the world count on KPMG’s global network to help build intelligent automation solutions that unlock the value of a continuum of technologies (ranging from simplistic process automation to advanced cognitive applications). And this has allowed our clients to accelerate their automation, cost management, growth, and customer engagement strategies as well as their risk and regulatory policies.

Our professionals help organizations leverage intelligent automation to drive value across the value chain.

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Cyber Security Consulting

Q1 2020

KPMG has been recognized in a recent ALM Intelligence report as a global ‘Leader’ for its Cyber Security Consulting services and capabilities. KPMG’s Cyber Security practice is cited as taking a “holistic, proactive, approach to interacting with clients to create client-centric solutions in an environment of co-creation of business-savvy cyber including assessment to create change, engineers or technical aspects and implementation,” wrote the report’s authors.

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Service Operation Consulting

Q3 2019
In a new report from ALM Intelligence, KPMG’s Connected Enterprise framework received substantial praise throughout the evaluation. In addressing KPMG’s operating system, the report states, “KPMG continues to invest in its Connected Enterprise framework with proven results, as clients enjoy increased transparency and cohesiveness across the front- middle-, and back-office of customer experience capabilities. This approach significantly improves data flow across the enterprise, creating insights for further operational improvements that ultimately improve customer journeys.”

HFS Top 10 Report:  KPMG International named a top two global provider of Google Cloud AI services

Q3 2019

Underpinning KPMG’s #2 position, the report commends KPMG as a consulting leader that has gone “all in” on its alliance with Google Cloud, setting up a global Google Cloud Innovation Lab dedicated to experimenting and innovating with Google Cloud products. The lab both tests and co-builds new Google Cloud products and solutions. KPMG and Google Cloud have selected the financial services, healthcare, and life sciences industry verticals to co-develop solutions.”

HFS Top 10 Report: KPMG ranked #2 among the top 10 leading Microsoft AI service providers

Q1 2019

HFS’s evaluation identified the following highlights for KPMG:

  • KPMG is a "consulting leader using its domain knowledge to collaborate with Microsoft on AI".
  • Strategic vision for AI. KPMG is very aware of AI’s benefits and nascence, and it is determined not to sell AI to clients without getting them to see the bigger picture around the technology
  • Driving market education for Microsoft AI. KPMG was an early adopter of Microsoft’s AI School and is planning 24 technical- and business-focused AI client workshops in fiscal 2019.
  • Critical partner for Microsoft’s AI strategy. The KPMG-Microsoft alliance is moving the needle on multiple aspects of Microsoft AI adoption, and the technology giant considers KPMG as a strategic partner for its success. 

Forrester New Wave™: KPMG a leading Workday Implementation Partner

Q3 2019
KPMG has received a Leader ranking among Workday Implementation Partners in The Forrester New Wave™: Workday Implementation Partners, Q3 2019 report. Noted among three service providers KPMG excels at business transformation — with depth in both finance and HR,” according to the report’s authors. The report also noted, “KPMG puts its Powered Enterprise approach front and center to significantly reduce the time and risk of a Workday rollout while maximizing results.”

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Workforce Management Consulting

Q3 2019

In a new report from ALM Intelligence, KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Workforce Management consulting services. Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence, calls KPMG best in class for external market insight, noting that “KPMG brings an informed, outside-in point of view on workforce management in its “Future of….” series that deconstructs the signals of change, analyzes their impact on the future of work, and proposes meaningful roadmaps for action. Content is regularly refreshed with new insights from KPMG’s research on the future of HR, thought leadership on intelligent automation for HR, ‘Rise of the Humans,’ and the annual Global CEO Outlook.”

ALM’s latest Vanguard report underscores KPMG’s deep domain expertise. According to Liz DeVito, “KPMG also stands out for its firm grasp of the trends that are reshaping the organization and its workforce.” In speaking with clients, DeVito learned that “KPMG has a singular ability for visioning future state organizations and providing practical advice about mapping a path to the future.”  

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Communications & Change Management Consulting

Q3 2019

In a new report from ALM Intelligence, KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Communications & Change Management consulting services. Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence, cites KPMG’s Enabling Tools as ‘Best in Class,’ noting that “KPMG continues to aggressively invest in developing a broad suite of change management tools, methods, and playbooks that align with its guiding methodology for making change real and impactful.”

ALM’s latest Vanguard report underscores KPMG’s deep domain expertise. Specifically, KPMG launched “Change by Design, an approach for designing and connecting personalized change journeys to business outcomes, and Change Frame, a platform for delivering the change journeys that also provides program management functionality, including data-driven insights, to change teams and business leaders.”

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard leader in Finance Operations Consulting

Q1 2019

In a new report from ALM Intelligence, KPMG is seen as a Leader delivering Finance Operations consulting services. The analyst, Tomek Jankowski, says "KPMG provides an end-to-end technology-enabled (but business-led) strategy-to implementation transformation offering around finance operations. KPMG also has a particular strength in providing dynamic, customized solutions for difficult, complex projects across geographies, and has proven itself very process-oriented…KPMG has also been ramping up its SaaS and managed services offering, and has built what it calls KPMG Powered Finance." He goes on to say "KPMG approaches finance operations from a transformation standpoint – not just finance transformation, but whole business transformation...With its Cloud-driven Powered Enterprise, KPMG helps clients achieve maximum efficiency, interface with other departments but as well as build flexibility into processes to make companies more nimble and able to address change and unexpected challenges." He concludes that KPMG is "Best in Class" for "Management System."

The Forrester Wave™: KPMG is a leading Global Cybersecurity Services firm

Q2 2019

In the new report, Forrester awarded KPMG the highest possible scores in the criteria of business acumen; security strategy consulting capabilities; and governance, risk & compliance capabilities. According to the Forrester report, KPMG consistently advances three messages: “1) Cyber security helps businesses grow; 2) Cyber security problems now require multidisciplinary expertise; and 3) Cyber security protects core business functions.” The report continues that “KPMG doesn’t just say those things in its marketing; it infuses those themes into its cyber security services portfolio.”

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard Leader in HR Operations Consulting

Q1 2019

KPMG has been recognized in a recent ALM Intelligence report as a global ‘Leader’ for its HR Operations consulting services and capabilities. ALM’s Vanguard report assessing consulting-services providers cites KPMG’s uniquely differentiated approach to reinventing HR based on the concepts, frameworks, and personas introduced in its Future of HR campaign.

“KPMG gains ground on the strength of its Future of HR campaign that provides a coherent approach to prioritizing and sequencing the phases of an HR transformation and enhancements to Powered Enterprise that incorporate intelligent automation and target operating model innovations,” says Liz DeVito, Associate Director and Lead for HR Consulting Research with ALM Intelligence.

The ALM report assesses KPMG’s needs assessment as Best in Class and cites KPMG for its comprehensive, cross-organizational collaborative style “ to lead structured dialogs and design-led ideation sessions, underpinned by frameworks, personas, and data visualization tools, providing a systematic process for making informed decisions about how to improve both human and organizational performance.” Further, ALM emphasizes that “KPMG’s clients value the firm’s ability to translate the impact of megatrends on HR into a pragmatic transformation approach and point to the firm’s change management capabilities as especially impactful in these engagements.”

ALM Intelligence: KPMG a Vanguard Leader in Supply Chain Planning

Q1 2019

KPMG has been named a leading global service provider for Supply Chain Planning consulting services in a new ALM Intelligence report. KPMG was ranked ‘Best in Class’ for Needs Assessment and Project Management and ranked ‘strong’ for its Operating System and Management System capabilities. The report notes that ‘Best in Class’ firms “evidence deep capabilities in specific areas of supply chain planning consulting and stand out from their peers for their highly effective and often innovative consulting approaches and service delivery.” The report praises KPMG’s Approach for its focus on “strengthening and integrating” clients’ S&OP (sales and operations planning), commercial and financial planning activities to achieve desired strategic and business objectives, and praises KPMG’s Practice Structure, which through its supply chain center of excellence develops consistent, structured tools, techniques, methodologies and materials that support the sales through delivery.

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