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Albert Wilson

Behind the projects - Albert Wilson

Behind the projects - Albert Wilson

Name: Albert Wilson

Role: Executive Junior Associate, Deal Advisory, KPMG in The Bahamas

Previous experience: Masters in Finance and Investments, UK

By contributing to the launch of the first-ever universal healthcare system for my home country, I helped to make history.

Albert Wilson, Junior Executive, Deal Advisory, KPMG in The Bahamas. A team member on National Health Insurance project for The Bahamas.

Immediately after completing his Masters in 2016 in the UK, Albert headed home to The Bahamas where he began work on one of the most significant projects his government had ever undertaken - a National Health Insurance plan (NHI).

“This was a project for my family and friends, my community,” explains Albert. “It was an initiative the government had been trying to roll out for many years, but KPMG was the consulting firm that helped make it happen. By contributing to the first-ever universal healthcare system for my home country, I helped to make history.

“Our local knowledge was essential to the project's success but we also drew on KPMG firms' healthcare experience from around the globe,” he says. “We pulled in talent from across the network on everything from IT to policy development. We were able to build from a local and global view of healthcare standards. For me, working and training alongside these different teams was a major learning experience. In particular, I learned how to tie all these strands together and communicate them effectively to the client.”

Albert contributed to two workstreams within the wider project: the healthcare finance workstream and the service delivery and infrastructure workstream. “One month I'd be looking at spreadsheets, the next I'd be out talking to frontline service providers such as doctors, nurses and pharmacists about their needs and expectations.” Their support and advocacy was key to the success of the project.

“By the end it felt less like a client engagement and more like a national program that we were helping create. We really had to work together and rely heavily on each other to achieve a smooth roll-out.”

What was his peak moment? “It came right after we launched the program. We started to get calls from beneficiaries and service providers. A lot of people were concerned about not being included. I remember one call in particular: a blind, elderly gentleman who wasn't on any service provider's list. We were able to resolve that query and it was great to see people like him finally getting access to these services and benefiting from what we had implemented.” 8,000 Bahamians enrolled during the first week.

“Looking back, it's been a period of enormous personal growth for me,” says Albert, pointing out that The Bahamas universal healthcare project has also left its mark on the wider network of KPMG firms. “I've taken away great experiences but so has KPMG,” he says. “It's provided valuable insights for KPMG's future work in universal healthcare. The local team has already been asked to share their expertise for numerous client engagements that have come up since - and this is a great legacy for the work we did.”

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