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Inspiring stories - Peter Leek

Inspiring stories - Peter Leek

Our people share their personal perspectives on creating an inclusive future for people with disabilities.

Our people share their personal perspectives on creating an inclusive future.

Peter Leek
Management consultant and gold medal swimmer
KPMG in Australia

“Empowering people with disabilities in the workforce is not a charity thing, it’s good for business and the right thing for society.”

Peter Leek was born with ataxic cerebral palsy.

Ataxia mean ‘without order’ or ‘incoordination’. It can make you look clumsy and unstable. Certainly not something you would expect to see in someone who has won numerous gold medals in world swimming championships.

Peter has achieved all these.

Signing up for swimming lessons as a child, he was soon a member of the national team and credits his success to years of self-motivation and perseverance.

As a result of disparaging comments made to my family and me when I was a child, I became closeted about my disability. It was only as a teenager, when I began to see my disability as an advantage. I accepted myself for who I am, and was able to shift my expectations of myself; to grow and push myself to who I am today and see my disability as a strength rather than a weakness.

As a Senior Consultant in KPMG’s Financial Management team, Peter is committed to facilitating the future of people with disabilities in the workforce.

“If I were to describe myself to colleagues, I would say I’m a Senior Consultant in Management Consulting with 3.5 years’ experience at KPMG, and 7 years in the Federal Government, not a disabled person who works.

I’m grateful my colleagues see me first as a professional and second as a friend. My colleagues see my disability as a non-issue – about as important as my hair colour.

People with a disability are equal to anyone else in the workplace but in some cases can channel their determination, self-belief and commitment to achieve more than many - able or disabled - can do.'

Peter certainly demonstrates this and we are proud he is part of KPMG.