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Inclusion means striving for more accessible workplaces.

Inclusion means striving for more accessible workplaces.

At KPMG we know that people with disabilities, as both beneficiaries and agents of change, can fast track the process towards inclusive and sustainable development and promote resilient society for all.

We recently launched a global disability network, with the aim of providing support to KPMG’s disabled employees, networks and carers worldwide, especially for countries where people with disabilities experience significant discrimination. This virtual platform enables resource and information sharing between countries and helps identify future opportunities for joint action.

“We recognize that equal rights under the law do not necessarily mean equal opportunity in business. Adjustments are needed in order to ensure that people with disabilities are given the same chance to participate and to succeed.”

- Mary Lou Maher, Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Take a look at some of our extraordinary people’s stories and perspectives on how we can create an inclusive future for all people.

Peter Leek: Management consultant and gold medal swimmer

As a Senior Consultant in KPMG’s Financial Management team in Australia, Peter is committed to facilitating the future of people with disabilities in the workforce.

Shane Dwyer: A new found appreciation for “all things life”

Shane describes his experience of life at KPMG in the US after his accident and what’s helped him raise awareness, provide support for others and share his perspective.