Forum community engagement

KPMG leaders are engaged with Forum communities to bring a deep understanding and global perspective to major issues and how these issues affect other global, regional or industry-specific challenges.

International Business Council (IBC)

The IBC is made up of 130 chief executives from global leading companies. In existence for two decades, the council has become an important anchor and voice for stakeholder capitalism, which demonstrates engagement, action and global citizenship through its individual and collective actions. As KPMG Global Chairman, Bill Thomas is a member of this council providing intellectual stewardship to the World Economic Forum. As a current focus, the IBC and the Big Four and Bank of America are leading action around a common set of ESG measurements and disclosure.

Find out more about the initiative.

Partnering for Racial Justice in Business

At KPMG we are focused on challenging ourselves to achieve more and push for a fairer, more equitable society, while creating an inclusive work environment that empowers our people to live our Values and speak up, both professionally and personally. That’s why we are proud that Nhlamu Dlomu, KPMG Global Head of People has joined the Steering Committee for The Partnering for Racial Justice in Business initiative. This is a global coalition of organizations and their leaders committed to leveraging individual and collective power to build equitable and just workplaces for professionals with under-represented racial and ethnic identities. The Partnership has been designed to operationalize and coordinate commitments to eradicate racism in the workplace and set new global standards for racial equity in business.

KPMG Global Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Kristine Remedios has joined the Working Group for this initiative to provide strategic advice and ongoing engagement in this important community.

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Global Future Councils

The Forum’s network of Global Future Councils brings together over 1000 experts from multidisciplinary backgrounds dedicated to using their expertise to shape a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable future. These expertise-based thematic councils are made up of some of the foremost thought leaders from academia, government, international organizations, business and civil society. KPMG leaders provide strategic insights and forward guidance on four of these councils.

At KPMG we know that everyone has an equal right to be themselves, and to be heard. As KPMG Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Mary Lou Maher is a member of this council which supports companies in embedding corporate human rights activism and in establishing new relationships, operational structures and governance frameworks necessary to do so in an effective way. Further drawing on her expertise, Mary Lou is a part of the Community of Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers which convenes to share best practices in developing an effective I&D strategy considering the current global crisis and the implications it has on equity and justice in the workplace and beyond. Learn more about what inclusion and diversity means to us.

The world is on the cusp of a transport technological revolution. The combination of electric vehicles, mobility as a service and autonomous transport is expected to transform the way we live and work. Richard Threlfall, Global Head of KPMG IMPACT and Global Head of Infrastructure, sits on this council which seeks to identify the points of innovation or cultural transformation on the brink of affecting the movement of people and goods. Learn more about how KPMG is working with organizations across industries to help them navigate the future.

By embracing the role we all play as educators, we are making an important contribution towards the achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. In support of this role, Nhlamu Dlomu, KPMG Global Head of People and member of the Global Management Team, has joined this council focused on addressing key themes that include skills anticipation, contemporary pedagogy and market-aligned curricula, digital and physical access to learning content and infrastructure, professional development of educators, scaled investment, and supporting students and workers transition through their learning journey in a complex and volatile environment. Learn more about what KPMG is doing to serve and strengthen our communities with education and sustainable development.

At KPMG we understand the critical importance of supporting and accelerating the global energy transition. As Global Head of Climate Change & Decarbonization for KPMG IMPACT & Global Head of Renewables, Mike Hayes sits on this council focused on boosting clean energy and providing thought leadership on energy optimization for a net zero carbon future. The Council drives action by disseminating facts, inspiration and recommendations for ways to accelerate the energy transition. As a part of these recommendations, Mike collaborated with the Forum on a proposal (PDF 233 KB) to establish a Sustainable Energy Innovation Fund (SEIF) to support and accelerate breakthrough energy innovations with the potential to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. He has also introduced a proposal involving a new financing product to mobilize capital into the highest risk energy transition projects globally. The key focus of this idea is to get capital into projects that are focused on the Sustainable Energy for All. The Council has accepted this radical idea to be subjected to detailed further consideration over the next eight months.

Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders

As part of our continued focus on delivering growth in a sustainable way and providing climate solutions for KPMG firms, clients and society, KPMG Global Chairman, Bill Thomas has joined the Alliance of CEO Climate Leaders – a global network of chief executive officers building an influential network of business and economic leaders from diverse industry sectors and regions, with the power to accelerate the pace of climate action within the markets in which they operate. The mission of the alliance is to accelerate climate action in each participant’s organizations and in the economy as a whole.

To underpin this goal, KPMG has signed up to a series of new climate actions, including a 1.5°C science-based target which will focus on achieving a 50 percent reduction of KPMG's direct and indirect greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030.

Additionally, KPMG firms have collectively committed to: 

  • One hundred percent Renewable Electricity (RE) by 2022 in its Board countries or territories, and by 2030 for the wider network
  • offsetting any remaining GHG emissions through externally accredited voluntary carbon offsets to mitigate the remainder it cannot remove from its operations and supply chain.

Global Head of Climate Change & Decarbonization for KPMG IMPACT & Global Head of Renewables, Mike Hayes is Senior Advisor to the Chairman ensuring the ongoing engagement of KPMG in the climate change agenda and in activities taken forward by the Alliance.

Learn more about what KPMG is doing to help businesses achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

Chief Digital Officer Community

At KPMG, we know that business leaders must understand the complexity and business and societal impacts of implementing new disruptive technologies. As such, Christian Rast, Global Head of Technology & Knowledge at KPMG, has joined the Chief Digital Officer Community; A global, cross-industry network, bringing together experts from across the World Economic Forum to advance inclusive, sustainable and trusted digital transformation of business and society.

Learn more about how KPMG can help you on your digital transformation journey. 

Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Community

We believe an inclusive culture, which values diversity, leads to better decision-making, drives greater creativity and innovation, better meets the needs of clients and is more motivating for our people. In support of  this belief, Kristine Remedios, Global Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at KPMG is a member of the Chief Diversity and Inclusions Offices Community which convenes nearly 100 Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers from around the world and across 20 different industries. The community convenes virtually to discuss emerging trends, to amplify ideas to redesign workplace structures, to develop strategies to proactively embed diversity into the recovery and future economies and societies and to push individual and collective action for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Learn more about our commitment to Inclusion and Diversity.

Partners Against Corruption Initiative (PACI)

KPMG’s Global Code of Conduct and our extensive anti-bribery and corruption program are designed to ensure we uphold the highest standards of professional integrity. Committing to a higher level of leadership against corruption, KPMG Global Chairman, Bill Thomas is a PACI Vanguard CEO. This community of 89 CEOs, sets the agenda for the PACI community with the aim to rebuild trust and integrity through public-private cooperation.

Learn more about how KPMG upholds the highest standards of professional integrity.

Global Shapers

Our people remain at the forefront of serving and strengthening our communities and markets in tangible ways. Sveta Vardanyan, KPMG in Canada, is the outgoing Curator of the Global Shapers Toronto Hub and has been leading the hub from July 2019 to July 2020. Ilaria Capuzzo, KPMG in Italy, is the Impact Officer of the Global Shapers Venice Hub and has been with the community since 2013. Under their leadership, the hubs have had significant impact, contributing to a number of different initiatives to make their communities better places to live and work.

Global Shapers is a network of people under the age of 30 working together to address local, regional and global challenges. The network has more than 13,000 members and spans 430 city-based hubs in 150 countries and territories. In each city, teams of Shapers self-organize to address the needs of their community. Shapers are diverse in expertise, education, income and race, but are united by a common goal to bring about necessary change in their communities.


Past projects

Digital Leaders of Europe

The Digital Leaders share the common goal of making the Digital Single Market a practical reality. They have identified a set of principles that can help Europe be more competitive on the global stage.

Learn more about the community.

Jonathan Lavender, KPMG Global Head of KPMG Private Enterprise, sits on the Digital Europe Board which provides strategic direction to the community to addresses the question of what Europe’s own way of innovation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution should look like.

Understanding the implications of COVID-19 for private companies, including new emerging growth companies and scale-ups, Jonathan Lavender and Karoline Beate Hallemayer, KPMG in Germany, collaborated with this community on a report that addresses the challenges facing European innovation and doing so during the pandemic and economic disruption. Read the report here (PDF 5.2 MB).

Learn more about the potential impacts of the global pandemic on your business.




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