We serve and strengthen our communities and markets, advancing education and sustainable development.

The measure of KPMG has always been how we come together to tackle the world's greatest crises. Rooted in 150 years of history, we share a common purpose to help strengthen our communities. Every year, tens-of-thousands of our people from across our global organization dedicate their time and skill to making our world that much better. Together, guided by our core values, we strengthen markets, facilitate sustainable growth and drive progress throughout society. Our passion for doing right by all is what makes this organization KPMG.

Bill Thomas
Global Chairman and CEO
KPMG International

We take our role as a corporate citizen seriously, and KPMG firms remains at the forefront of serving and strengthening our communities and markets in tangible ways. It's core to our purpose and part of our legacy.

KPMG's COVID-19 response

As this crisis impacts every aspect of our lives, KPMG believes that its support for communities must be focused. We are therefore prioritizing health and wellbeing given the nature of the crisis, and education which is our critical long-term corporate citizenship priority. Our contributions span pro bono work, volunteering and cash donations, which amount to more than US$4 million to date.

As part of our global response, KPMG became a founding member of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) convened Global Education Coalition for COVID-19 response to safeguard access to education for the 1.5 billion students across 191 countries affected by nationwide school closures during this pandemic.

Our guiding principles

Our actions and strategy for all COVID-19 community engagements are guided by five principles:

  1. Safeguard our people and our communities. 
  2. Ensure everything we do is needs driven
  3. Leverage our core competencies as a professional services organization. 
  4. Build on established societal relationships.
  5. Coordinate across our organization and with external stakeholders.

KPMG firms around the globe are involved in multiple pro bono, volunteering and donation efforts ― below are just a few examples.

Health and wellbeing

The scope of our programs for health and wellbeing includes a variety of support activities that help communities by:

  • Providing pro bono advice regarding data security, privacy and cyber threats to hospitals and healthcare organizations.
  • Volunteering to support senior citizens and others in isolation who need regular social contact such as phone calls, emails and letters.
  • Delivering food, medication and personal care items to senior citizens and others in isolation.
  • Donating ventilators, laptops and other equipment to hospitals and laboratories.


KPMG China raised more than US$500,000 in donations through a staff-matched fundraising appeal. The donation provided funding to several NGOs to help groups buy urgently needed medical supplies and equipment including non-invasive ventilators for over 20 hospitals including the city of Wuhan's Leishenshan Hospital, the emergency specialty field hospital built in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other supplies needed included hygiene kits for low-income families. The majority of the funds raised were from 2,200 staff members, with a dollar-for-dollar matching donation offered by the KPMG Foundation in China.


KPMG in Ireland is supporting Ireland's ALONE program providing support and services to older people at home. KPMG volunteers work 3 to 4 hour shifts to call elderly people who are isolated to see how they are and provide friendly conversation, as well as deliver essential food and medication to their homes. KPMG in Ireland has also responded to the government's Community Call national initiative to provide support to older adults and the vulnerable.


KPMG in Italy responded immediately to the COVID-19 crisis to provide aid to hospitals in need. 'Let's breathe Italy' is the motto at the heart of this dedicated team's commitment to helping the community. Through targeted interventions with more than 10 hospitals in Bergamo, Milan, Naples and Rome, the team worked together with the Francesca Rava Foundation to launch a program designed to help hospitals most affected by the pandemic. A series of initiatives followed which included donations of medical equipment such as ventilators, radiography imaging, ultrasound equipment and monitoring devices, all with associated training. These donations equate to a value of US$760,000.


KPMG in the Netherlands, together with more than 60 cybersecurity companies and several other professional services firms in the Netherlands, joined forces with We Help Hospitals to assist healthcare organizations with cyber security incidents during the COVID-19 crisis. KPMG in the Netherlands is donating pro bono advice and technical expertise to hospitals, nursing homes and general medical practices.

When the organization, We Help Hospitals, approached us about this initiative, we immediately wanted to provide our support. We believe it is inexcusable that hackers are misusing the current health crisis for personal gain. The cyber team of KPMG in the Netherlands has the knowledge to assist healthcare organizations with professional services to recover from a cyber attack.

Koos Wolters
Partner, KPMG in the Netherlands


KPMG in Poland has undertaken a number of initiatives to help hospitals, students and businesses manage the crisis. The KPMG in Poland Foundation donated equipment to a Warsaw laboratory performing diagnostic testing and research on COVID-19, and 5,000 face masks to a hospital in Krakow. The foundation has also donated 300 laptops to financially disadvantaged students to enable equal access to online studies while sheltering at home.

Education and lifelong learning

KPMG's activity includes new initiatives as well as taking our existing support online whenever possible, including:

  • Founding member of the UNESCO convened Global Education Coalition for COVID-19 response (see the Global Education Coalition for COVID-19 page for more details).
  • Virtual learning support to students including free online coding courses, subject tuition, online study groups, e-mentoring and practice interviews.
  • Pro bono support and mentoring for social entrepreneurs and technology start-ups. 
  • Donation of funds, laptops and books to support education not-for-profit organizations.

Cayman Islands

KPMG in the Cayman Islands is leading an initiative to provide educational resources and volunteering to children who do not currently have access to distance learning capabilities. This includes working alongside the Ministry of Education and other organizations, sourcing laptops and liaising with telco providers to enable complementary internet access for children.


KPMG in India is working with children studying at schools that belong to marginalized groups and lack access to computers and laptops at home. With schools closed across India, mainstream schools are conducting online classes. The same is not possible for the schools within marginalized communities. KPMG in India is helping teachers at these schools develop content for secondary school students in subjects such as accountancy, physics, chemistry, mathematics and English, in video format and PowerPoint presentations which are then shared with the students via WhatsApp.

Thank you so much for volunteering to direct the students and helping teachers during the lockdown period. The efforts of your team is highly appreciable, and the children really loved it. I know it was a lot of work, but I don't think anyone could have done a better job. We're so happy you shared your talents with us.

School Coordinator


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, KPMG in the Netherlands is collaborating with TNW Spaces and Techleap.nl to provide pro bono support to the Dutch startup community through online office hours, one-on-one sessions and webinars. Techleap launched their Corona Start-up Support Portal where KPMG shares knowledge and expertise around specific topics.

In 2016, KPMG in the Netherlands co-founded technology hub TNW Spaces together with Google, ABN AMRO and Booking.com, building on a long-term commitment to support technology startups achieve sustainable growth.


As part of KPMG's ongoing commitment to #ITsHerFuture, KPMG in the UK is providing a free online course, "Introduction to Python" coding. This course is for secondary school students, parents, and teachers, and gets them coding in just 10 minutes. Highly interactive and mimicking the environment of a computer science lesson, the course has already been completed by people in the UK, Canada, Jamaica and Pakistan. The program is part of KPMG in the UK's wider COVID-19 community response, which includes adapting existing outreach programs and creating new solutions to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“I've just managed to use this to coax my little brother out of his quarantine low and he is now extremely excited for the course!! We have been trying to get him to focus on any form of learning for weeks without success!!” Sibling of a young coder.


KPMG in the US and the KPMG US Foundation Inc. have pledged to donate more than US$2 million to support non-profit organizations impacted by COVID-19. The funds will benefit organizations with whom KPMG has an existing relationship as well as support selected organizations focused on lifelong learning and health and wellness activities in support of the COVID-19 relief effort. Close to US$1 million in funds are being distributed to 80 non-profit organizations selected by Office Managing Partners in all US KPMG markets, as well as 800 grants to non-profit organizations actively supported by our people as part of the US Foundation's Community Impact Grant program.  In addition, to date, US$700,000 of funds have been provided to national non-profit organizations around their relief efforts and solutions supporting these four key areas: the “front line”, educationfood insecurity, and the cure.

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