Our people define who we are as an organization. They inspire trust, deliver impact and drive our growth.  

In these uncertain times, our people’s strength and resilience have stood out more than ever. They have adapted and collaborated to propel us forward and serve our clients and communities, and support each other, through the challenges.


The past year has been a time to listen — to understand the physical and mental pressures our people were feeling in real time and respond with empathy and support. 

To encourage an ongoing dialogue, we put a proactive listening strategy in place, conducting a number of pulse surveys and regular open forums where our people could convene, share experiences and talk about the support they needed, in their work and personal lives.

Across the KPMG organization, we used what we heard to adapt to the needs of our people. It was important to acknowledge and respond to the need to look after families, as many were working from home with children or needing to provide care for other family members, and some working for extended periods in isolation or living on their own.

In some cases, this involved flexible working hours to allow time for personal needs and just getting outside in the daylight. In other instances, it has meant allowing for the time needed to care for children at home or providing home technology set-up assistance. We are supporting our people by providing guidelines and leading practices for working virtually. To enable managers and teams to stay connected, we continue to provide support for key processes such as onboarding, performance management, as well as focusing our efforts on supporting mental wellbeing.

Throughout, our culture and Values have continued to be our compass, guiding our action and responses, ensuring we live our Purpose as an organization and lead with empathy at all times.


Our people taking action

March 2020: As Baréma’s youngest son watched French President Macron announce a national COVID lockdown, he turned to him, tears and fright on his face and asked, "Daddy, what are you going to do?"

Watch Baréma’s full story here

Simren Samra is an apprentice at KPMG in the UK and recalls logging into her work laptop during the height of the pandemic and receiving dozens of emails that contained a normally typical well-meaning question: “How are you?”

Simren is a younger member of her team and often second-guessed sharing inner voices of uncertainty. With new virtual ways of working, those feelings were often easier to hide, but she also wondered whether others had similar thoughts. She didn’t want her peers to feel isolated or alone.

At KPMG, the easy route isn’t always the best option. Instead, Simren formed the Apprentice Social and Wellbeing initiative. In doing so, she found a community of like-minded peers interested in creating a virtual support network and a space to talk about wellbeing at work. These forums allow apprentices to build long-lasting relationships and help them feel confident in bringing their whole selves to work.

KPMG’s goal is to uplift the people who work here, and this internal community has now grown to include more than 700 apprentices, with a hope that when someone isn’t feeling their best, it’s met with kindness and understanding.

Eliane Momesso is a Senior Manager at KPMG in Brazil and her role focuses on citizenship, inclusion and diversity.

At a young age, Eliane considered herself to be a quiet and shy girl who was content being unnoticed among four noisy brothers. When she turned 15 and her parents moved to the countryside, everything changed.

Suddenly, Eliane was no longer invisible. With poor grades and a new classroom where the teachers knew each student's family, she was ashamed and decided to change what she could.

One of those opportunities was being accepted to work at KPMG 21 years ago and another was to be part of the team that implemented the Citizenship area of the business in Brazil.

Eliane is passionate about her work at KPMG. She gets the opportunity to work with volunteers in the communities and run learning programs where she can relate to the youth she helps — assuring them from first-hand experience that their dreams aren’t too big and pursuing them can change their lives.

Empowering and connecting our teams through technology

With the technology and flexible working environments we have in place, our people were able to adapt to a virtual working environment in a matter of days. We have used our state-of-the-art technology platforms and launched mobile apps to connect people, while also helping ensure that when the time is right, our people can safely return to the office.

Ongoing learning is fundamental to our business and our people, and this has not changed as a result of the pandemic. During this period, we have managed to pivot and digitize our learning environment and we have seen an incredible uptake from our people with our virtual learning platforms seeing an increase of more than 600% in the first 6 months of the pandemic. We continue to invest in our people’s skills and capabilities, not only around our new solutions and the emerging technologies so critical in today’s digital world, but also to reskill to meet the shifting demands of our firms' clients.

Learn more about how we’re supporting and developing our people for the workforce of the future in Our Impact Plan where we recently set out our global environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitments.

The power of inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity (I&D) are at the heart of who we are and fundamental to our Values and Purpose. We are committed to promoting an inclusive culture throughout our organization, where authenticity is supported and valued, and open dialogue is encouraged.

Courageous Conversations

Building an inclusive global organization requires ongoing listening and action. In the past year, our people expressed deep, personal concern about the continuing racial injustice in the world, joining the voices of the hundreds of thousands taking to the street in protest. To listen and learn from one another, we held Courageous Conversations with our people. Over 72 hours, more than 17,000 of our colleagues participated in a virtual discussion, contributing their ideas, insights and personal stories on the racial injustice they see or experience. From this dialogue, we are creating a collective action plan that can make a real and lasting difference towards our collective goal of improved racial equity within and outside of KPMG globally.

Our global inclusion and diversity strategy is centered around collaboration and creating spaces to learn and listen from our people and external experts around key issues.

KPMG Pride conference, video snapshot

We marked Pride month with more than 2,500 of our people from across more than 40 countries and territories joining in an online celebration and opportunity to learn from internal and external LGBT champions and leaders.

World Mental Health Day Summit 2020

With participation from 6,000 of our people in more than 70 countries and territories, including our Global Chairman & CEO, Bill Thomas, our World Mental Health Day Summit was a timely opportunity to hear from experts on coping strategies as well as various mental health champions around the world and connect to resources and support.


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