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Workday planning

KPMG and Workday KPMG and Workday

As your organization faces pressure to modernize technology, respond quickly to new business strategies and regulations, manage increasing costs, and adapt to an evolving workforce, you need timely solutions that support these business needs, while developing new approaches and models aimed at disruption and unprecedented change. 

As a leading provider of financial management and human capital management services, KPMG professionals possess the industry knowledge and deep domain experience to help you develop a transformative enterprise based on cloud application strategies that help enable a sustainable competitive advantage.

KPMG’s alliance with Workday provides your organization with the knowledge of KPMG professionals paired with Workday’s leading cloud technology.

Workday Partner - Industry Innovation Award 2021

Solution areas

KPMG member firms and Workday can help your organization accelerate business innovation and competitive differentiation by designing and deploying effective, cloud-based finance solutions. Our teams help optimize finance strategies and assess appropriate application approaches for your operational, risk-management, and compliance needs. Finance strategies positioned as a key accelerator can deliver new levels of agility and flexibility – integrating processes, people, and systems to drive a holistic finance-transformation road map and strategy.

Human Capital Management (HCM) and Talent 
HR value is rapidly realized and enhanced when KPMG member firms work one-on-one with you on Workday requirements for your strategic transformation initiatives. Utilizing Workday’s leading HCM and talent technology, KPMG professionals can help your organization improve HCM to retain strong talent, enable collaboration, provide new workforce insights, and increase organizational efficiency.

From cloud-based solutions to increased data analytics capabilities and enhanced service levels to cost reductions, KPMG professionals will work with you to ensure that the digital transformation of your payroll operations is a well – understood strategic opportunity to deliver rewards to your employee in a more effective and efficient way.

KPMG professionals can work with you to place the right people in the right role at the right time, with a sharp focus on long-term strategy, supply of candidates, and people-to-business alignment. Using Adaptive Insights, KPMG works with you to help develop and meet an organizations financial and workforce planning requirements that are critical to your strategic business needs.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Implementing a modern and flexible cloud platform lets you control how Workday technology works best for you. Using the Workday Cloud Platform, KPMG professionals work with you to determine how a PaaS interface can best support your business needs. Whether integrating finance and HR data or building new applications, KPMG professionals can help set up the right Workday Cloud Platform for your organization, with a user interface that makes doing business easy.

With advancements in digital intelligence, companies are leveraging remarkable new capabilities to make informed decisions based on real business intelligence and timely insights – rather than instincts and outlooks. Leveraging Workday Reporting and Prism Analytics, extending the core capabilities of Workday, finance and HR insights can be generated from any data source and securely distributed to your entire organization. KPMG professionals can help your organization gather critical data and information that motivates action, drives change, and underpins success as never before.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)
KPMG professionals work with you, utilizing Workday SCM software, to help make better procurement decisions, streamline purchasing and inventory management, ensure compliance with vendor contracts, and analyze opportunities for spend management to optimize your supply-chain operations. As one of only four Workday partners with certified SCM resources, we are well positioned to ensure success through our deep industry expertise and product knowledge.


Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities.

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