My mentors at KPMG were extremely supportive. Their trust in me was a huge positive. - Jeff Walsh, Head of Transformation, Risk Organization, Citigroup

“People at KPMG look out for their employees and that is something that is special to me,” says Jeff Walsh, who joined KPMG in 1979 and began his career in the private business advisory services sector, before leaving to join Citigroup in 1990.

While at KPMG, Jeff worked with small businesses, which deal with many of the same issues as larger enterprises, but often at a more condensed scale. “It gave me early insights into the way businesses work. I was able see the whole picture across accounting, auditing and tax. I learned to be inquisitive, to multi-task and to constantly look for ways to make things better.”

But his KPMG colleagues were also preparing him for future challenges. “I had a couple of mentors during my time with the US firm in Los Angeles who helped me build a strong network of technical and client relationships. They rewarded high performance and gave me opportunities to succeed, but they also gave me room to make mistakes and learn." They also helped him navigate and shape his career. “I was about to start another job at another company. However, right when I was about to start working at the new company, I got a call from a Partner at KPMG, advising me that not to take that role, as it would be a bad move in my career. But later, when the time was right, the appropriate introductions were made to pursue a career outside KPMG.”

Jeff is proof that KPMG's culture draws out innovation, deep expertise and a truly global mindset. The experience he built while at KPMG helped him contribute to the success of the US firm and its clients and continues to influence his work today. “Working at KPMG taught me about change in organizations and also about how to create opportunities out of change at a personal level,” says Jeff. “It's an experience I used in my previous and still use in current roles at Citigroup.” I've been at Citi for over 27 years, including eight years as the Citigroup Controller where innovation and process improvement were a large part of the job. These days, I influence people in how to enhance the efficiency of risk management across Citi and to do it in a more standardized, holistic way that cuts across silos.”

He adds: “My experience at KPMG has shaped my role as a leader. I spend quite a bit of time on development of other people and enjoy putting them in the right assignments with the right level of responsibility. My goal is to help them gain the experience they need to grow and contribute to the organization. I'm following the example I first learned at KPMG - giving back the kind of opportunity that was given to me.”

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