• Jens Rassloff, Leadership |

I’m proud that KPMG has been named Microsoft’s Global SI Digital Transformation 2020 Partner of the Year.

As I think about what it means to receive this recognition, I focus on the goal of our long-standing alliance – which is to leverage business expertise and advanced technology to help clients and communities succeed. This is particularly true as we have collectively been experiencing economic, personal and organizational challenges that none of us would have thought possible before now.

Many of the leaders I speak with are grappling with accelerated project deadlines and legacy systems that cannot cope with a workforce that went entirely virtual in a matter of weeks. Some are facing the stark reality that their business models will need to radically change in the “new reality” of a post-COVID world.

Below are just a few examples of how we work together with Microsoft to help organizations meet these challenges.

KPMG in the US is helping Lafayette Consolidated Government develop its strategic roadmap and, with the aid of technology, realize its ambition of becoming a more efficient, effective local government focused on driving citizen engagement, delivering better customer service, and fostering a more connected community.

KPMG in the UK is supporting a county police force with the modernization of its infrastructure, including streamlining legacy data and intelligence systems. This enables them to pull their core data into a top-tier analytics system and provides up-to-the-minute insights within a comprehensive, modern, cloud-based architecture.

As digital learning has rapidly developed into a necessity across the world, the expertise of KPMG professionals in learning and development is helping to provide high quality learning to hundreds of thousands of individuals, including over 400,000 civil servants in the UK. We've fused this learning expertise with digital capabilities and know-how, and encapsulated it within the KPMG Learning Platform to power the next generation of learning evolution.

Our wider learning experience and expertise will also be leveraged to support UNESCO’s Global Education Coalition, where, as founding partners, we share a commitment to contribute resources and technology expertise, particularly in such key areas as connectivity and capacity strengthening.

Most recently, KPMG in the US announced how we are working together to help organizations reopen as part of KPMG’s Restarting America program. Using Microsoft Power Platform tools such as Power Apps, along with Microsoft Teams and Azure, we are helping organizations implement effective, adaptable, and risk-based return-to-work programs.

I am thankful for our talented professionals who are helping these organizations, and many others, to move forward, and who will continue to innovate and bring you the best services and solutions to help your business succeed in today’s changing world.