• Jens Rassloff, Leadership |

Throughout my career I have spent a lot of time speaking with business leaders, and the message I hear the most is that each and every one of them wants to capitalize on digital disruption. They want to build resilience, create a culture that inspires innovation, revolutionize their operating models, and re-boot their leadership teams. Many believe the long-term sustainability of their company is reliant on their ability to challenge and disrupt business norms.

In our current situation, of course, nothing is normal.

As we’re having to keep our physical distance from each other, we’re fully dependent on technology to stay connected and work in a completely different way. Companies around the world are transforming quickly with the aim of supporting their immediate business needs, while keeping their people and customers healthy and safe.

Things will not be the same after this crisis has eased, but many business leaders are working hard to find a path forward that powers their organizations towards recovery and a new reality. In a time when digitization is being accelerated, it’s imperative to focus on the long-term goals that support that path.

Rather than concentrating on the technology itself; place an increased focus on your core business and your people, and how technology can empower them to be better. Making investments based around that focus will increase your ability to augment existing skills. The best technology in the world is worthless if your people don’t understand it, don’t adopt it and don’t embrace a future-focused mindset which has digital at its very core.

Simply purchasing technology is not enough to drive a successful digitization. Instead, it is about truly understanding how technology can be used to advance your business objectives and values.

In the end, becoming more digital does not require a radical overhaul of your value proposition. Rather, it means being more collaborative with a wider ecosystem, including building trusted long-term relationships with the best technology companies, giving your people the motivation and skills to overcome the digital divide, and using digital tools to better serve the needs of both your employees and your customers.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing conversations with thought leaders from KPMG alliances via LinkedIn to discuss how we’re working together in areas like artificial intelligence, cloud migration, cyber security, data migration, and digitization to help organizations during this time of unprecedented disruption to embrace technology as a power for sustainable change with lasting value.