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As the global health pandemic brings extraordinary change and disruption across all areas of our lives, I remain thankful and inspired by the stories of positivity, commitment and selflessness that continue to be shared across the globe. No matter the adversity, communities are coming together to help. KPMG’s Alliances team is such a community, working together across organizational boundaries to help people and businesses work differently, and I’m proud to share just a few examples of the amazing work being done.

KPMG in India is working closely with local governments in several states to provide specialized services in critical areas such as healthcare infrastructure and managing the distribution of food and medicines. In addition to applying specialized Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning tools to generate predictive analytics for contagion dissemination and patient tracking, KPMG professionals are working with the Microsoft Power Apps team to develop a mobile application to access and collate COVID-19-related data from multiple sources, allowing for a more integrated view that facilitates data-driven decision making.

KPMG in the UK and ServiceNow helped a global manufacturing company with a Powered HR implementation to facilitate the accelerated launch of a COVID-19 knowledge center. As a result of the crisis, call volumes from their employees had grown to over seven times the normal amount. With the new digital infrastructure in place, including a virtual agent and an online employee portal, the existing call center team is able to manage the elevated number of calls without increasing the number of agents or witnessing a dip in service levels.

KPMG in the UK and Workday helped an instrumentation supplier with operations in more than 25 countries deploy a Powered HR solution, giving the client a company-wide, global view of its employees, their skills and capabilities for the first time. With this consolidated outlook, the client has been able to mobilize a COVID-19 rapid response team, bringing together the right people to deal with the multi-faceted crisis in a timeframe that would have been almost impossible before. 

Together with OutSystems, KPMG in Portugal and Switzerland are jointly developing an application for a European health authority to assist with monitoring patients who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are undergoing treatment outside of hospitals. The solution, built on Microsoft Azure, aims to help the health authority be more effective in determining the level of medical care needed and more reliable in monitoring the level of care received by those most affected.

In addition, KPMG professionals are also working with Google Cloud to help organizations quickly implement virtual agents through Google Cloud’s Rapid Response Virtual Agent program – a quick way to get up and running with Contact Center AI (chat and voice bot capabilities) – to help companies respond to customers’ questions through a 24/7 conversational self-service support via website chat bots and automated voice responses over the phone.

These are just a few of the examples demonstrating that even when we must practice social distancing, working together can help us achieve better results, faster. 

We’ll be stronger than ever when we’re able to get together again. Until then, stay positive, stay healthy and stay safe.

To learn more about KPMG Alliances, visit kpmg.com/alliances.

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