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Vietnam Market Entry

Vietnam Market Entry

KPMG has responded to the need for comprehensive, reliable and quality Market Entry support by forming the Market Entry Group – a team of professionals drawn from KPMG’s Tax, Legal & Advisory divisions in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.


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Vietnam Market Entry Outlook

Vietnam Market Entry

The Vietnamese economy is growing at a steady pace, and the economic fundamentals are in place. Furthermore, with the expansion of its considerable middle class, Vietnam is home to a rapidly growing consumer goods market. Demands in infrastructure, healthcare and agriculture are also generating business opportunities that appeal directly to foreign investors.


Our KPMG experts come from various backgrounds including accounting, finance and law. They work together in order to share ideas and add values to your business.The mission of this group is to provide international standard services to potential market participants. The group acts as a bridge between participants and Vietnam’s authorities and trading partners, providing intelligence, advice and support regarding Vietnamese regulatory, financial and commercial issues.

Where necessary and appropriate, KPMG will work with external partners, including Vietnamese consulting firms to ensure the success of Market Entry projects.Whether providing a comprehensive “turnkey” market entry solution, or addressing a specific issue or problem in support of a larger project, KPMG has the resources and expertise to provide dedicated professional support to entities exploring, entering or altering their presence in the Vietnam market.

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