2019 Year-end Tax Finalisation Compliance

Are we prepared?

The Corporate Income Tax filing for year-end is approaching and you are surrounded with news on the changes and risks on corporate income tax. Regulatory compliance is still required for pandemic-caused abnormal expenses. How would you prepare for this?

Common Corporate Income Tax (CIT) and Tranfer Pricing (TP) issues

■ Incorrect assessment of tax incentives

■ Over-claimed deductible expenses

■ Insufficient supporting documents for expenses

■ Unclear/incorrect documentation related to cross-border transactions

■ Inappropriate allocation of expenses among related parties

■ Incorrect claim of tax losses carried forward

■ Incorrect declaration of TP disclosure forms and/or TP documentation

■ Late submission of TP disclosure forms and/or TP documentation

How KPMG can assist ?

KPMG’s experienced corporate tax and government liaison team can assist you in understanding, complying, and managing the new reporting requirements, which will impact your tax filing and documentation obligations.

In addition, we could also help identify opportunities to secure tax savings or tax incentives through proper CIT planning for 2020