2019 Year-end Tax Finalisation Compliance

Are we prepared?

The Corporate Income Tax filing for year-end is approaching and you are surrounded with news on the changes and risks on corporate income tax. How would you prepared for this?

Common Corporate Income Tax Issues

Corporate Income Tax incentives: 

Unclear legal basesof taxincentivesinitially granted by licensing authorities

Value of FAs exceeding registered investment capital

Expansion investment from 2009-2013 and from 2014 onwards

Deductible expenses:

Employmentcostwithout work permit

Marketing and promotion expenses without supportingdocuments

Depreciation expenses of idle fixed assets

Taxable revenue

Sales supportsrecognized under sales deduction; accrued sales deduction; sales deductions without supporting docs

How KPMG can assist ?

KPMG’s experienced corporate tax and government liaison team can assist you in understanding, complying, and managing the new reporting requirements, which will impact your tax filing and documentation obligations.

In addition, we could also help identify opportunities to secure tax savings or tax incentives through proper CIT planning for 2018.

2019 Year-end Tax Finalisation Compliance

2019 Year-end Tax Finalisation Compliance

Did you know? Tax authority targets for 2019 might impact your bottom line Inaccurate documentation puts you at risk for tax non-compliance