Why is Trade and Customs advice important?

Multinational businesses must deal with a host of customs-related challenges regarding their cross-border operations.  Customs rules can present complex challenges in any jurisdiction.  However, if these rules are understood and managed, they can enable organizations to reduce operational risks, manage costs, yield savings and improve bottom line. 

As Vietnam’s customs regulatory framework evolves, it becomes increasingly important for organizations to manage their customs strategies in a coordinated manner that is aligned with their overall business objectives.  A proactive and cost-effective customs management plan involves opportunity planning and risk management, including compliance assurance.



Skillfully managing the customs-related elements of international trade requires special knowledge. 

KPMG Vietnam has a dedicated and specialized Trade & Customs Services team of professionals who also have transfer pricing and international tax knowledge and experience and are able to assist clients from all sectors with a broad range of trade and customs services.  Our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds with well-established credentials, who are able to present the right mix of local and international experience in ensuring that the quality of our services meets the right quality standards.  We are able to offer comprehensive trade and customs services, and to provide you with an integrated service package to meet your needs.

Our team is part of the KPMG Asia-Pacific Trade & Customs Services practice, and we can leverage on our broad regional and global resources and experience.

We offer holistic, regional customs solutions.  We understand your business.  We live and breathe the regulatory environment.


How can we help?

  • Evaluating Free Trade Agreements (“FTAs”)
  • Customs Valuation Planning
  • Tariff Engineering
  • Value Chain Management (VCM) Services
  • Customs Dispute Resolution & Controversy