When a company is in distress, the management team faces many competing challenges. We can help you assess the situation and, if necessary, assist you with developing a practical insolvency plan. Working with you and your stakeholders, we help you identify the path that will maximise available value.  We help you assess the impact and risks of various options, identify the right filing jurisdiction and prepare a process?

Implementation: How do I maximise value? detailed insolvency plan that optimises the stakeholder positions. We support you as you position your company for a return to health and a solid financial standing.

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions through the development, implementation and completion of an insolvency.

  • Distressed corporates: How serious is the problem?
  • Insolvency planning: What are my options?
  • Commencing insolvency: What needs to happen when my company is in a formal protection
  • Exiting a formal process: How does my company get back to normal?