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KPMG's Cybersecurity services help clients effectively manage and control corporate information assets to be able to fend off a broad spectrum of evolving threats in a number of scenarios. Companies today increasingly realize that implementation of cyber security measures is not a one-time project, but instead a strategy that must be able to adapt to changing threats, remain consistent with the organization's business initiatives, and deliver benefits such as manageability, assurance and efficiency. We help companies identify their most important information assets, and work with them to develop an effective approach combining technology and business processes. We help clients to reduce losses due to fraud by assessing the robustness of technology infrastructure against attack, provide advice to prevent data loss and help establish an appropriate data protection framework. We also advise on business continuity management and disaster recovery to improve resilience against incidents.

Our Cybersecurity services

KPMG’s Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is a distinct offering that incorporates our insight into leading cyber practices from the public and private sectors. The assessment is targeted at boards and executives to assist with appropriate board-level reporting and communications. It is unique in the market in that it looks beyond pure technical preparedness against cyber attack. It takes a rounded view of people, process and technology to enable clients to understand areas of vulnerability, to identify and prioritize areas for remediation and to demonstrate both corporate and operational compliance, turning information risk to business advantage.


Cyber Incident Response: helps client deal with cyber-security incidents by providing a full service to mitigate incident impacts – forensic data acquisition, system and log file analysis, incident management. In the aftermath of a cyber incident, it is important to assess if the root causes have been identified and mitigations have been applied successfully and completely mitigated. We help clients to be a step ahead, strengthen the defenses and know who to call for help and restore normalcy with least cost and impact. 


Web Application Assessment: The assessment practice is a combination of a black box or gray box testing which is very quick & effective to discover the top 10 vulnerabilities of your organization’s websites based on the OWASP's leading industrial standards.


KPMG’s Cyber Maturity Assessment (CMA) is a distinct offering that incorporates our insight into Security Awareness Program: People are key challenges in cybersecurity. KPMG offers on-demand Security Awareness training.  This program will shape your employees into a ‘Cyber Army’ through ‘sticky’ awareness and training.

CISO as a service: You don't need a CISO every day, do you? KPMG's CISO as a Service is a interim CISO who provides the help you need on set days per week or per month. And you determine how much help you need and when. Handy for you, because thanks to the know-how and expertise of this CISO, plus practical examples of how other companies deal with these kinds of issues, you really do get the help you need. And of course they are immediately at your disposal in the event of any security-related incidents. You not only get a single contact point as one CISO, but you also get access to a KPMG power-house for the specific expertise if needed, so you are certain that all your issues will always be resolved.


Information Protection: The major source of today’s common data breaches turns out to be intentional/unintentional insider threats instead of external attackers. It has, therefore, become imperative to have a mature and effective information protection program. KPMG offers end to end information protection services including activities starting from data flow analysis to setting up a steady-state operational Data Loss Prevention (DLP) desk for continuous incident monitoring.


Business and IT Continuity: Business Continuity capabilities are an organization’s ability to protect and sustain critical business processes during a disruption. Effective business continuity management (BCM) ensures that firms are equipped with the ability to prevent, respond to and recover from various operational disruptions. KPMG designs and delivers end-to-end business continuity, IT Disaster Recovery and resilience services, with targeted review and assessment of existing capabilities to provide a roadmap for improvement.


SWIFT Security Assessment: Nowadays, as international transactions and commerce become more popular, SWIFT obviously becomes one of the important components of financial institutions, especially banks. Therefore, SWIFT security needs to be paid close attention to properly minimise fraud in international transactions, protect user data and safeguard the reputation of the organisation. Explore more here.