The world and business environment are changing quickly.  Competitors are changing fast.  Business partners require faster response time and alignment.  Customers demand better products and services while cost will need to be decreased.  Only way to solve these challenges collectively is through technology.  But where do you begin?

At KPMG, our CIO Advisory practice helps clients to define a successful strategy for their IT programs and to refine, optimize and develop the best solution. We provide detailed planning, analysis, assessment and design for a balanced approach aligned to the business needs, technology options and financial considerations.

We have capability spreading across front, middle and back office with expertise in multiple software vendors.  In addition, we can also help to design and implement the most effective IT Governance framework to manage your IT operation.

Digital / IT Strategy

A good IT strategy provides a blueprint of how technology will support, shape and enable the organization’s business strategy while help address its operational gaps and market challenges. IT strategy covers all facets of technology management to ensure the entire operational engine is driven by business priorities and towards mutual strategic goals. It also delivers the needs of key stakeholders, including employees, customers and business partners in lower execution time and with potentially higher return-on-investment. IT Strategy will ultimately solidify the organization’s core values, vision and mission while strengthening the organization’s market positioning and market superiority.

At KPMG, we will assist client to develop the IT strategy and roadmap in both sort-term and long-term through utilizing the seven dimensions of our IT Strategy Framework:


IT Governance

The definition of IT Governance can sometimes be misinterpreted due to:

  • Some views focusing very heavily on controls and compliance and
  • Much of the legislation focuses only on one aspect of the business, namely financial reporting.

In practice, IT Governance has to align with the corporate governance; therefore it will look at strategies, organization structure, policies and internal processes in order to reduce risks, increase compliance, measure performance and deliver value to organizations. 

KPMG can assist the client to achieve better IT governance through addressing different needs:

  • Assess current state and envision future state of what good IT governance looks like.
  • Develop an IT Governance Model which is suitable for client’s environment.
  • Detail IT Governance activities with the development of IT operating procedures and templates
  • Assist implementing the IT governance (e.g. rollout of policies, controls, technology, and metrics program) with training and onsite support where needed.