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Risks & Controls Services

Risks & Controls Services

Identifying and managing key business risks, helping minimise loss and maximise shareholder values.

Managing key business risks, helping minimise loss and maximise shareholder values.

Identifying and managing key business risks, helping minimise loss and maximise shareholder values.

Executives are under relentless pressure to identify the various risks facing their organisations. They need to understand how these risks influence commercial decisions and the formulation of business strategy.

How we can we add value 

1.  Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

KPMG’s ERM methodology takes a structured, holistic approach to managing the uncertainties that businesses face. It relies on the creation of robust internal mechanisms for gathering, analysing, monitoring and understanding the relevant information. KPMG assists organisations to establish effective ERM practices and systems. We help organisations to:

  • conduct enteprise risk assessments workshops to help;
  • identify organisation's top business risks;
  • evaluate their current risk management practices;
  • develop practical plans for attaining risk management objectives;
  • transfer risk management knowledge to where it can be most effectively used;
  • train key people in ERM philosophies and practices;
  • execute ERM programs that become powerful strategic monitoring and reporting tools;
  • make better informed decisions about risk and embed risk and control awareness into decision making processes;
  • enhance accountability for risk at all levels of the organisation;
  • protect corporate brands and value propositions.

In working with organisations, KPMG deploys a proven global ERM methodology. Organisations are able to access a core team of ERM professionals supported by appropriate industry and technical practitioners and a sophisticated knowledge management system.

2.  Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting

Directors’ responsibilities have now been expanded. They now encompass the design, implementation and maintenance of internal controls in relation to the preparation and fair presentation of financial statements. Arising from these responsibilities, Finance Directors and managers are now required to give a reasonable assurance confirming that adequate internal controls have been set up to prevent fraud and ensure reliability over financial reporting.

We can help analysing relevant financial and operational controls and processes, typically at the direction of the General Directors, Finance Directors or other senior managment mebers. We help identifing gaps together with recommendations on how to close those gaps. We can also help management to implement all approved recommendations.

The outcome is increased visibility on the effectiveness of internal controls within key business processes. It provides senior management team members with the peace of mind and confidence in maintaining good corporate governance and reliability of internal controls over financial reporting.

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