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Internal audit, risk & compliances services

Internal audit,risk & compliances services

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ERM; governance and regulatory compliance.

IARCS provides strategic sourcing of internal audit; continuous auditing/monitoring; ER...

The role of Internal Audit is changing. Traditionally, its task was to ensure compliance. Now, it is more involved in top-level decision making, protecting the organisation against risk and improving control systems.

How we add value

  • Our practice provides a wide spectrum of advisory services which include risk-based internal audit, corporate governance, enterprise risk management, quality assurance review and review of internal controls over financial reporting.
  • We help organisations improve their corporate governance practices, risk management and internal control systems by establishing ERM systems to proactively manage risk, and creating/improving its internal audit function to focus on strategic and operational issues.
  • We assist organisations to achieve a competitive advantage by using their compliance efforts to build controls and processes that are sustainable and add value.


  • You need assistance in complying with the existing and changing corporate governance requirements.
  • You are seeking to develop an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) system or assess their current ERM system against good practices and risk management compliance requirements.
  • You require assistance in reviewing your internal audit function which provides an effective means of assessing the performance of the function against management’s expectations and better practice, and facilitates the transition to desired standards.
  • You are seeking to outsource/co-source internal audit function to complement your in-house resources.
  • You are seeking assistance to improve or streamline internal controls.

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  • Risks and Controls Services

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