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US customer experience excellence analysis

US customer experience excellence analysis

KPMG recently surveyed over 7,500 customers regarding their personal experiences with 257 brands. This report reviews these consumer brands and the CX effectiveness criteria they have mastered.


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The die is cast. We are marching inexorably into a new generation of digitally enabled customer experiences. There is no turning back. Estimates vary as to the number of customer service roles that will be replaced by bots, robots, cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence (AI). But commentators are agreed: we have reached an inflection point on the curve of customer experience (CX) improvement where the baton is passed from human to digital interaction.

Our research this year shows some shining examples of organisations that have grappled with these issues and, in so doing, have emerged triumphant. Firms such as USAA and Disney Parks are beacons for excellence, engagement, execution and outstanding experience economics.

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