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Supply Chain Fraud

Supply Chain Fraud

Fraud is a global scourge that harms corporate reputations, costs millions and ruins lives.


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It is a heavy economic and moral burden on society. KPMG has reported on fraud trends for many years and this is the third report that profiles fraudsters around the world.

For this report, our professionals completed a detailed questionnaire about 750 fraudsters, based on what we learned during our investigations. We added new questions in the third survey to learn more about the types of people who commit fraud, the sorts of fraud they commit and the manner in which the frauds are detected. The latest questionnaire included queries regarding the technology component of fraud and cyber fraud. We conclude this report with our recommendations as to how best to combat fraud in an environment where the threats are evolving.

This report on the profile of the fraudster is intended to help clients to understand this complex field and how it is likely to change in the future. We also hope our survey will contribute to a worldwide discussion about fraudsters and ways to combat them. Companies, governments and society at large have a direct interest in the outcome of this discussion.

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