Workshop 1: Financial Runway during Economic Downturns

with the theme "Leading the Digital Age", KPMG NEXT 2020 brings Vietnamese businesses an overall view on technology solutions

with the theme "Leading the Digital Age", KPMG NEXT 2020 brings Vietnamese businesses an o

Our Program

Part 1: Digital vs Digital Transformation

  1. The need for digital strategy and transformation
  2. What is digital?
  3. What is digital transformation? (vs traditional transformation)
  4. KPMG’s point of view on Digital transformation
  5. Connecting front – middle – back office
  6. Connected Enterprise Concept explained
  7. Overview on the 8 capabilities of the future


Part 2: Fund raising during COVID-19/difficult time

  1. Considerations for capital raising during difficult time
  1. Potential impacts of COVID-19 on companies and investors & What stories to sell
  2. Which product/structure to consider: Equity vs debt or hybrid
  1. View from an Investor/Fund
  2. Chat with OnPoint’s founder on their recent Series A fund raising


Part 3: Financial management – Preparation your data & understand your financial numbers for fund raising:

  1. How the Company’s Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting (PBF) activities support the management in making decision of and prepare for their financial numbers which take into consideration:
  1. distressed (e.g. Covid-19 impact, expense cut or spending priority,…)
  2. expansion/growth via M&A
  1. The importance of data preparation to support analysis of the company’s performance by different dimensions, monitor its financial performance & prepare data for Investor (BI)
  2. Automation solutions for PBF and BI

Date & Time

Ho Chi Minh City: 

Date and Time: 13:30 – 17:00,  25 June 2020


Date and Time: 13:30 – 17:00 02 July 2020

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