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Webinar "Going for Gold: Investing in Vietnam"

Join KPMG webinars to learn about the opportunities and essentials of investing in Vietnam in 2017! Registration is free and instant.

3 May 2017, 3:00PM - 4:00PM, IT

Vietnam is considered one of the fastest and relatively stable-growing economies in Asia in recent years. The country weathered the global financial crisis well with encouraging macro-economic indicators observed in 2009 and 2010.

Do you want to learn about doing business in Vietnam? Register for our webinar, “Going for Gold: Investing in Vietnam,” the first of the KPMG Vietnam webinar series.

Learn from the expert insight shared by our experienced market entry experts, Dr. Nguyen Cong Ai and Mr. Huynh Nhan, who will provide an overview of the current macroeconomic conditions for investment in Vietnam, as well as up to date information on market entry opportunities, trends, and issues.

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15:00 - 15:05: Introductions
15:05 - 15:20: Macroeconomic Conditions for Investment
15:20 - 15:30: Vietnam Investment Policy Updates, Tax Overview, and Incentives
15:30 - 15:40: Market Entry Strategic Considerations
15:40 - 16:00: Question & Answer Session

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