KDC (KPMG Delivery Centre) Graduate

KPMG Delivery Centre Vietnam (KDCV) is a shared service center in KPMG Vietnam which utilizes innovative, intelligent automation and state-of-the-art data processing and analysis technology to support KPMG’s Deal Tax and Legal, Audit and Consulting service teams at key steps of their client engagements. Through our specialized data processing KDC team, we aim to collaborate with engagement teams to improve their operational effectiveness.  

KDC services

Audit services

Our duties include preparing and maintaining the database of audit confirmations; handling large datasets to better storytelling and unlocking value insight of Client’s business processes and transactions; checking financial statements and offering other support to the KPMG audit team.

  • Audit confirmation
  • Data processing for audit (*)
  • Automated Financial Reporting Solution and Financial Statement Checking
  • Other compliance works

Tax services

  • Our Tax support team helps tax professionals in main offices to retrieve accounting and tax related information from clients and prepare tax compliance statements and tax information entry.
  • Data processing for tax (CIT / TP) (*)
  • Preparation of Australian Tax Return-Form Fill

Advisory services

  • The advisory team is dedicated to offering support for back-end financial analysis and data analysis.

Risk Management services

  • Support risk management processes by performing client background check on provided database.

All our data processing services will be performed by advanced BI tools for big large dataset such as IDEA, Alteryx, Power BI and Power Query 


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