Tax audits are difficult to manage. To get through a tax audit successfully, it requires careful preparation, a clear strategy and thorough understanding of how Vietnam tax system works.

Each year the number of tax audits for companies in Vietnam continues to increase. Tax authorities are using more sophisticated methods for targeting companies, international and domestic, from across many sectors.

If you know your company is going to undergo a tax inspection or tax review, and

– Your company was audited before and was subject to significant collection of taxes and penalties.

– Tax issues in the last tax audit are recurring and are complicated by different laws and regulations in different tax periods.

– Your team is inexperienced in dealing with the tax inspection process.

– Your team is not confident in the current tax compliance position or the completeness of tax and accounting information and documentation.

KPMG can help you mitigate the risks of a tax audit.

As the biggest tax practice in Vietnam, our professionals are ready to stay beside you during the tax audit preparation, support through the various stages of a tax audit, and assist with actions post-audit.

From now to June 2020, KPMG tax professionals will be in a location near you delivering a series of Tax Audit Masterclass. The Masterclass will bring together a broad array of voices from KPMG professionals discussing some of the prominent changes in tax regulations, deep dives into some of the common tax audit issues, implications for your business and the opportunity to better meet the increasingly complex needs of a tax audit.

If you would like any more information on the 2020 Tax Audit Support program, please reach out to us.