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KPMG’s approach to audit

KPMG’s approach to audit

At KPMG, our approach is to deliver a quality audit that is risk-based, industry-specific, and tailored to your particular operational structure and size.
Focus on quality is the foundation of our audit.

At KPMG, we transform our pledge of audit quality into action through our dedication to objectivity and independence, transparent and ongoing dialogue with stakeholders, and investments in our people and the tools and resources that support their work.

Senior leadership designs and sets the tone at the top, and has built a culture that makes clear that audit quality is not just a priority; it is an imperative.

Our Audit Quality Framework identifies seven drivers of audit quality:

  1. Tone at the top
  2. Association with the right clients
  3. Clear standards and robust audit tools
  4. Recruitment, development and assignment of appropriately qualified personnel
  5. Commitment to technical excellence and quality service delivery
  6. Performance of effective and efficient audits
  7. Commitment to continuous improvement

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