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KPMG and Blue Prism

Blue Prism

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation

Through our alliance with Blue Prism, KPMG extends its ability to provide clients with intelligent automation solutions that can facilitate billions of transactions and return hundreds of millions of work hours back into the business. Our joint clients can reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and drive bottom-line results by automating and optimizing transactions. Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform with access to cloud, Artificial Intelligence and cognitive capabilities enables KPMG to deliver the digital workforce for the enterprise of the future.

Blue Prism’s enterprise-grade RPA platform uses software robots to execute high-volume, complex processes in departments where rules-based, repetitive work is performed.  Beyond automating labor, Blue Prism’s platform provides tight control and governance by tracking every action of every software robot deployed. Detailed audit logs of activities enable automation of complex, compliant processes even in heavily regulated industries. Finally, the Blue Prism platform delivers high quality business intelligence (BI) and management intelligence (MI) data to improve decision making across the enterprise.

It can be difficult to know where to begin your intelligent automation journey. KPMG’s experienced professionals identify areas where Blue Prism will positively impact your organization, and can quickly implement solutions and governance that work within your environment.  Methodologies and deployment from KPMG will lead your organization to an automation strategy that increases capacity, and enables the pursuit of higher value activities, while reducing the cost of operations. 

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