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KPMG and BlackLine


Cloud-based, record-to-report solution

Cloud-based, record-to-report solution

Cloud-based, record-to-report technologies (CRRT) can help finance departments manage the financial close and apply controls throughout the accounting cycle. By aligning BlackLine’s agile CRRT solutions with business strategy, KPMG empowers finance and accounting teams to deliver real-time financial intelligence to executives and strategic value to the enterprise.

C-level executives demand accurate and immediate insight into their company’s financial performance. Regulatory bodies and analysts expect enterprises to review their account books in less than a week and release earnings statements within a month. The pressure on finance and accounting leaders to deliver accurate, immediate information is enormous. Yet many wrestle with decades-old accounting processes that can only provide a view into the past—where the organization was, not where it is now.

Record-to-report processes are at the heart of these financial operations, providing necessary insights into a company’s strategic, operational, and financial performance and enabling companies to report their performance. Yet market forces— including the globalization of customers and markets, complex business relationships between internal entities, shareholder demands for transparency and auditability, and increased governmental regulation and oversight—make executing record-to-report processes more challenging than ever before.

The alliance between KPMG and BlackLine helps your finance and accounting organization take advantage of market-leading CRRT technology so you can improve staff efficiencies, shift your focus from transactional to analytical, align finance strategies with those of the business, and deliver greater value to the organization.

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