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KPMG Strategic Alliances

KPMG Strategic Alliances

KPMG has market-leading alliances with many of the world's leading software and services vendors.

KPMG has alliances with many of the world's leading software and services vendors.

Alliance ecosystem

At KPMG, strategic alliances are central to our goal of helping clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our alliance ecosystem is designed with a global view and to help address today’s top issues, trends and priorities such as digital transformation, intelligent automation, cognitive and digital labor, cyber security, data and analytics, and regulatory change. We combine our deep business process, risk, tax and industry experience with professionals who are trained and certified by our alliance partners, enabling us to deliver wide-ranging solutions across multiple platforms and technologies.  

Experience and insight

As cited in KPMG’s CEO Outlook survey, "The main driver of growth is innovation and the use of technology." At a time when new technology is upending business models in every industry, many organizations don’t have the luxury of developing the needed competencies in-house. By combining forces with leading services and technology providers, KPMG offers enhanced capabilities to help companies realize enterprise-wide value from strategy and technology implementations. 

To learn more about KPMG's strategic alliances, select a specific alliance in the left sidebar or watch our alliances overview video.

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