KPMG’s Wolf Speaking At San Fran DevOps 2018 | KPMG | US
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KPMG‘s Mike Wolf to Address ‘Top 5 Ways To Move DevOps Beyond IT’ During DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018

KPMG’s Wolf Speaking At San Fran DevOps 2018

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Enterprises needing to move their “DevOps” functions beyond the IT department and across the modern enterprise to enable faster product and service development need to look no further than this year’s DevOps World | Jenkins World 2018. At the conference, KPMG’s Digital Enablement Managing Director Michael Wolf will discuss “Modern Delivery for the Modern Enterprise: Top 5 Ways to Move DevOps Beyond IT.”

Wolf will cover the key obstacles keeping organizations from moving toward true transformation. Using real-world examples, he will explain how organizations can align IT and business, go beyond simple DevOps to become modern-delivery enterprises helping drive value for their organizations.

“There’s a tidal shift happening in the software development industry making DevOps no longer something that a software developer does within their project team,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Chief Technology Officer at CloudBees and founder of the Jenkins project. “DevOps is now an organization-wide effort that interacts with business. One of the great things about DevOps World | Jenkins World is that you get to hear those broader perspectives from experts like KPMG.”

“Everyone agrees that adopting a lean, agile culture that embraces new technology is the way to go,” Wolf says. “However, the halls of IT and business delivery echo with cries of ‘We need DevOps!’, but business and IT are rarely aligned.”

WHO: Mike Wolf, KPMG Digital Enablement managing director
WHAT: “Modern Delivery for the Modern Enterprise: Top 5 Ways to Move DevOps Beyond IT”
WHEN: Tuesday, Sept. 18, 1:30-2:15 p.m. Pacific Time
WHERE: Marriott Marquis Hotel, 780 Mission Street, San Francisco, Calif. 94103, Nob Hill A-D.

With the IT development function in most companies striving to empower business units to be able to provide products and services as fast as possible in order to bring value to the company, the “DevOps” function has the opportunity to fill this role by helping move DevOps beyond IT and across the modern enterprise.

Members of the media attending 2018 DevOps World | Jenkins World in-person may attend the presentation by contacting Christopher Bacey of KPMG Corporate Communications via or 908-797-5143. If you are not attending the conference, but would like to interview Mike Wolf on this topic, contact Bacey as well.

KPMG is a Diamond Sponsor and will be featuring its modern technology delivery solutions at Booth #200 during the conference.


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