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Artificial Intelligence in Control with Watson OpenScale

AI in Control with Watson OpenScale

Worldwide spending on cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) systems is expected to reach almost $58 billion by 2021.* But while many companies plan to implement AI, a large majority lack confidence in their ability to govern and manage the new risks this emerging technology poses. KPMG’s AI in Control with Watson OpenScale can help.



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Gain control of AI technology risk

KPMG combines our multidisciplinary capabilities around governance and risk management with IBM’s Watson OpenScale technology to help organizations bolster a responsible AI program and evaluate individual AI/ML algorithms and systems. Our approach is founded on four key AI pillars of integrity, explainability, fairness, and scalability and is intended to help your organization drive better adoption, confidence, and organizational compliance.KPMG and IBM recognize that organizations need to address key inherent risks and misperceptions associated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML). To that end, we have created KPMG AI in Control with Watson OpenScale to help foster transparency and confidence in AI.

KPMG AI in Control with Watson OpenScale is designed to complement your AI program and strategy. KPMG and IBM bring our combined experiences implementing and governing AI, as well as leading technology, to support your business objectives.

No matter where you run your AI, KPMG AI in Control with Watson OpenScale can help you track, measure, and govern from a centralized tool that helps you identify and mitigate the risks while confidently scaling your AI systems. And our professionals bring the governance framework and methods that helps explain your AI in straightforward terms to of your stakeholders.

Key pillars of AI trust

Four key pillars of trust guide our application of tools, techniques and knowledge for an AI governance framework. We can help you incorporate these four pillars into the design, build and management of your AI program and systems to drive confidence, transparency, and more informed decision making.

Integrity. The ability to track the lineage and provenance of data, experiments performed to train the system and ongoing data changes made by subject matter professionals (SMPs).

Free from bias. The ability for the system to detect bias and evaluate inclusiveness to help avoid unfair treatment of protected groups, aiding compliance with regulation or internal policy.

Explainability. The ability to explain learning and the decisioning made by an AI system in business terms to allow for understanding of how the outcome was achieved.

Resilience. The ability to evaluate the systems interoperability with various runtimes, providers and technical frameworks. And to help ensure the system has an established ground truth and feedback into the system is secure.

The KPMG and IBM alliance has a long history of helping clients manage risk, and KPMG AI in Control with Watson OpenScale brings that experience together with the latest technology to offer an innovative solution for companies to manage and responsibly scale their AI.

Our service offering is tailored to each organization’s needs and may include activities such as AI project initiation support, data and system reviews, and gap remediation.

KPMG risk consulting specialization

KPMG professionals concentrate on the strategic impact AI can have on your organization and they bring together Risk, Compliance, IT and other key functional leaders to take an enterprise wide view of AI that helps you establish a governance framework that embraces the benefits of AI while ensuring risks are identified and managed.

IBM Watson OpenScale technology

OpenScale provides businesses with real-time visibility, control and the ability to improve AI deployments; helps explain AI outcomes; and scales AI usage with automated design and deployment—all within a unified management console. Available through IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud Private, Watson OpenScale is the open platform for businesses to extend AI enterprise-wide.

If you would like to find out more about how AI in Control with Watson OpenScale can help empower you to have confidence in your AI and achieve your desired business outcomes while mitigating inherent risks around integrity, explainability, fairness, and resilience as you scale, please contact us.

* Worldwide Semiannual Cognitive Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending, International Data Corporation. 

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AI is all about trust

Meet Kelly Combs, KPMG

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