Redefining resilience: Telecom CEO Outlook 2019

Redefining resilience: Telecom CEO Outlook 2019

As disruption continues to drive the industry, telecom providers enjoy a tremendous opportunity - if they are agile enough to take advantage of it.


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Redefining resilience: Telecom CEO Outlook 2019

KPMG’s 2019 Global Telecom CEO Outlook - Redefining resilience: harnessing opportunity for growth - focuses on priority areas for Telecom CEOs, including growth strategy, the talent challenge, cyber security, and M&A strategy. Findings include:

  • Nearly three quarters of global telecom CEOs believe that their organization’s growth relies on its ability to disrupt any business norm, while also defending the company (and its markets) from external disruption.
  • As global telecom CEOs address the talent challenge, they recognize the importance of enhancing organizational resilience and acknowledge their current workforce may lack the required skills to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Protecting customer data is one of their most important responsibilities in enabling the organization to expand its customer base. Global telecom CEOs say a strong cyber strategy is critical to engendering trust with key stakeholders.
  • While organic growth remains key to achieving their companies’ revenue objectives, for many CEOs, M&A remains a consistent strategy for fostering top-line growth.

Resiliency requires the ability to be nimble and pivot quickly, redefining the organization to capture emerging opportunities, revenue streams, and market leadership.

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