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Investment in technology innovation

Investment in technology innovation

What tech companies are investing in, how much they are investing, and the expected timing for ROI



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Investment in technology innovation

This report details the technologies that global tech companies are investing in, how much, and how quickly they expect to realize significant ROI

  • Tech companies are indeed investing in technologies they believe to be transformative.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the top technology that tech companies are investing in today and plan to continue investing in three years from now.
  • Forty-four percent of tech company leaders expect significant ROI within the first six months of implementing an innovative technology, and 71 percent expect it within the first year.
  • A significant number of large tech enterprises (40%) show very conservative investment (<$10 million annually) in innovation driven by emerging technologies.
  • By following a new model of dynamic investing, tech companies could achieve faster pivots on technology bets and more quickly capitalize on innovation opportunities.
Investment in technology innovation

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