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KPMG and Flexera | Software asset management and spend optimization

KPMG and Flexera | Software asset management

Software asset management (SAM) and spend optimization are essential components of any IT organization. KPMG’s alliance with Flexera, a leading provider of SAM, SaaS, and cloud spend optimization applications, has resulted in a portfolio of successful client engagements, strong references, and case studies where KPMG has been able to help clients improve their software asset management and licensing processes.





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You need visibility into both your software and infrastructure usage across your on-premises software, SaaS, and public cloud environments. With this visibility, you can gain insight into how to optimize spend and reduce risk thereby enabling IT to make meaningful contributions to strategic, enterprise-wide cost removal and risk management goals.

  • Improve your bottom line. When you have visibility into how your software and public cloud is used—or not used—you can avoid unnecessary spending and efficiently use your software licenses as well as SaaS and public cloud services.
  • Manage risk. When you know your software inventory and consumption, you can avoid expensive true-up costs from a negative vendor audit or at time of contract renewal.

Specific skills and experience are required to manage software license and spend management on-premises, and with SaaS and public and private cloud environments, each which can be an involved and time-consuming process. KPMG has extensive experience assessing, implementing, and enhancing license optimization solutions—from implementing SAM solutions to providing ongoing managed services. KPMG has experienced professionals who possess detailed knowledge of leading practices, systems integrations, and vendor licensing metrics and terms which can help organizations identify areas where SAM solutions drive cost savings.

KPMG’s alliance with Flexera, a leading provider of SAM, SaaS, and cloud spend optimization applications, has resulted in a portfolio of successful client engagements, strong references, and case studies where KPMG has been able to help clients improve their software asset management and licensing processes. Using a phased approach, KPMG enables organizations to select the most appropriate Flexera tools and incrementally implement capabilities along a path leading to a mature, well-designed SAM and license optimization program.

KPMG’s approach—combined with Flexera’s award-winning tools—can provide your IT organizations with an approach to help achieve a cost-effective, rapid deployment for optimizing all types of environments, including on-premises, SaaS, and cloud.

Managing on-premises licenses

SAM enables IT to comply with the licensing agreements included with on-premises software licenses. It also means having the processes and tools to monitor software consumption, reallocate licenses, command the right level of vendor support, and help maximize your software acquisition budget.

KPMG leverages Flexera’s FlexNet Manager to help your company improve SAM and license optimization in the following three areas:

  • Reduce licensing costs. KPMG’s cost optimization assessment identifies savings opportunities such as eliminating maverick purchasing or reducing asset proliferation. KPMG then sets up the IT infrastructure and appropriate Flexera tools to optimize license usage. This enables organizations to gain improved support processes and a greater realization of your software investment.
  • Reduce noncompliance risks. KPMG helps you develop a program to monitor software license compliance for multiple vendors. You can form automated, tailored reports and alerts that provide early warning flags along with options for addressing the issues. This enables organizations to vastly reduce time spent manually responding to audit requests.
  • Improve process efficiency. KPMG examines current SAM operations, identifies gaps against leading practices, and designs a work plan for reaching high-level process efficiency with FlexNet Manager. This embeds ongoing operational efficiencies—both in the SAM function and in related areas such as procurement, finance, security, and IT operations.

Managing SaaS applications

Accurately determining usage and consumption of SaaS assets can be a challenge, but KPMG can help you address the complexities. Using Flexera SaaS Manager, KPMG can help you manage SaaS subscriptions; identify unused, underused, or abandoned licenses; detect shadow SaaS or unsanctioned SaaS; and improve your understanding of SaaS billings.

KPMG professionals examine current license agreements and spend as well as SAM processes to identify how the SaaS applications and licenses are currently managed. KPMG then uses SaaS Manager to provide a single view of application usage as well as automated, tailored reports and alerts so you can identify usage issues on SaaS applications. KPMG’s approach to SaaS application management enables you to:

  • Discover, manage, and optimize your organization’s SaaS subscriptions and licenses, including unsanctioned SaaS
  • Identify and manage opportunities and risk related to Saas
  • View usage and consumption data
  • Create a governance model for rightsizing SaaS subscriptions and managing renewals.

Managing cloud costs

An estimated 35 percent of cloud computing spend is wasted via instances that are overprovisioned and not optimized.1 Dynamic consumption, fluid pricing, and lack of oversight drive the need for cost transparency and controls.

Organizations are recognizing this challenge and the potential enormous benefits that result from implementing a successful cloud spend optimization program. They are turning to KPMG’s global team to deliver a leading-class solution that leverages Flexera’s cloud cost management application, RightScale Optima. KPMG professionals identify wasted cloud spend and address gaps via automated and process-based solutions. By adjusting the following cloud cost management levers, KPMG can help you increase cost transparency and implement controls:

  • Right-sizing instances for lower costs
  • Reducing environments and using auto-scaling
  • Matching usage to storage class
  • Choosing the right pricing model
  • Continuously measuring and monitoring.

Choose how to engage with KPMG

KPMG can implement Flexera solutions in your enterprise and also provide ongoing managed services. Managed services enable you to take advantage of FlexNet Manager, SaaS Manager, and RightScale Optima’s capabilities as well as KPMG’s deep licensing, cloud and tool experience.

Implementation services

KPMG’s software license and cloud spend optimization methodology helps organizations better understand and manage their on-premises, SaaS, or public and private cloud asset and license positions. This four-step approach encompasses:

  • Assess and design. KPMG analyzes existing software compliance operations and cloud spend, identifies process risks and compliance gaps, and develops work plans to address issues.
  • Implement. KPMG develops a roadmap for managing assets, identifies and deploys the appropriate Flexera tools, implements internal controls to support compliance and cost management, and guides software configuration and cloud management.
  • Optimize. KPMG reviews usage and consumption activity to identify savings opportunities and sets up the IT infrastructure to help optimize software and cloud usage.
  • Enhance. By integrating SAM into regularly scheduled activities, KPMG helps enhance IT processes such as security, capacity, change, configuration, performance, and request management.

Managed services

Successful organizations recognize the value of SAM and cloud spend optimization; but they also recognize that in-house resources might not have the time, training, or know-how to maintain ongoing license positions for the major software publishers or cloud spend for the public cloud providers. For such organizations, KPMG provides three managed services levels, each which support Flexera’s industry-leading solutions:

  • Inventory service. An entry-level managed service for asset inventory and data normalization to help improve efficiency and reduce costs, for example, by consolidating vendors.
  • License and cloud cost management service. An intermediate-level offering that supports the general management of commercial software and public cloud spend, plus inventory service components to help reduce the risk of noncompliance.
  • Optimization service. A broad service providing inventory and licensing services plus software license and public cloud spend optimization for major vendors. It also includes reconciling software installations and usage against the product use rights to help improve the software’s return on investment.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities. Any trademarks or service marks herein are the property of their respective owners.

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