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Mitigate risk on your journey to the cloud

Mitigate risk on your journey to the cloud

Reduce the risk—and increase the value—of new technology by choosing KPMG to guide you through the Google Cloud Platform adoption journey.




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Analysts, journalists, vendors, and thought leaders all tout the benefits of moving to the cloud: lower capital expenditures, 24/7 availability, flexible capacity, automated software updates, easy management, and more.

But responsible business leaders know that moving to the cloud is not without risk. It brings the uncertainty and complexity inherent to new technology and disruptive innovation. Companies must ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of business-critical applications. And in industries with complex laws, rules, and regulations—such as financial services and healthcare—companies must be careful about the types of customer data stored in the cloud.

There are also internal challenges to overcome. Some groups within your company are rushing to adopt the cloud, sidestepping information technology (IT) and neglecting governance; they may have limited understanding of the cloud’s financial risks, cyber risks, and overall governance risks. Other key players may exhibit quiet, but strong, resistance to cloud usage. Often, there is a lack of common understanding between IT, security, compliance, and business units on how and when to use the cloud.

Some of these risks and challenges can be mitigated by selecting a reliable cloud platform that is built for large-scale elasticity and stability. You can further reduce risk and deliver value with the Governance, Security, and Controls Transformation offering from KPMG LLP (KPMG). Looking holistically at your business and regulatory environment, KPMG can help you better assess, implement, and fine tune cloud platform solutions.

Governance, security, and controls transformation with KPMG

Embracing cloud platforms at scale can expose your organization to risks, but KPMG’s Technology Risk professionals can help you convert risk into opportunity. KPMG’s professionals take a broad and deep view of security, risk, and compliance—from controls and governance to pragmatic experience implementing and operating cloud platforms. KPMG works with you to establish and operate a security, risk, and compliance framework and operating model that embraces innovation while managing risks.

KPMG brings field-tested experience, established accelerators, and an adoption framework to the Cloud Governance, Security, and Controls Transformation offering. Regardless of where you are on your path to cloud adoption, KPMG can help to reduce risk and increase value at each stage. KPMG professionals can help you in the following ways:

—  Google Cloud Platform governance, controls, and risk assessment: Assess your current Google Cloud Platform environments and governance across multiple dimensions of risk including financial, operational, security and technology, regulatory, and other; develop and rationalize your controls for Google Cloud Platform

—  Security, risk, and compliance strategy: Develop a right-sized people, process, technology, and governance strategy and target operating model for Google Cloud Platform and multicloud transformation

—  Compliance assessment and implementation: Develop and implement a framework to help achieve and manage U.S. and international regulatory requirements across your Google Cloud Platform and multicloud environments including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and others

—  Security technology architecture, integration: Review existing and/or design cloud security architecture for Google Cloud Platform and multicloud scenarios including identity and access management, data discovery and protection, network security, end-point protection, vulnerability and configuration management, and others. Design and implement cybersecurity tools and processes to improve your security, risk, and compliance posture

—  Secure application migration: Assist in the redesign and implementation of application security during application migration to Google Cloud Platform.

—  Audit, controls testing, and validation:  Perform audit and/or periodic controls validation and testing to provide ongoing monitoring across cloud infrastructure, data, and application layers.

By focusing on risk mitigation and value delivery, KPMG can help your company thoughtfully adopt new cloud technology at scale.

Support across all lines of defense

Regardless of your responsibilities for security, risk, and compliance—KPMG can help.

1st line of defense (IT controls design and operations): As the 1st line migrates their applications to cloud platforms and adopts cloud-enabled processes, they are often confronted with challenges such as ensuring common governance processes over a “self-service” technology delivery model and ensuring efficient operational processes and optimal controls are built into cloud services. We assist the 1st line in designing an ecosystem of governance processes and internal controls that address risk across multiple compliance requirements. We support your cloud technology enablement efforts with designing the right security architecture, enterprise security standards, and guidelines and deploy them across your lines of business.

2nd line of defense (Policy and risk management): KPMG’s Cloud Risk Management framework helps the 2nd line in enhancing and adopting their existing IT Risk Management processes for cloud technologies. We help 2nd line teams manage the universe of cloud risks and controls, helping to ensure the right level of cloud risk reporting, analytics, and metrics tailored specifically for cloud platforms.

3rd line of defense (Audit): Developing a strong cloud program is important for generating confidence in your cloud journey while ensuring your audit and compliance requirements continue to be met. KPMG  can assist the 3rd line to develop a multiyear cloud audit program that spans the hallmarks of a full cloud journey from cloud strategy reviews to cloud deployment assessments. KPMG further supports the execution of the audit program by developing tailored audit program guides for cloud technologies and cloud-enabled processes. Additionally, KPMG supports the 2nd line in developing cloud-focused Risk and Control self-assessments (RCSAs) that can be efficiently and effectively utilized by the 1st line while the 2nd line continues to provide adequate level of review and challenge to the 1st line.

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