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KPMG and Google Cloud | A new way to look at Agile and DevOps

A new way to look at Agile and DevOps

Designing and delivering services leveraging technology is at the heart of business strategy.

Michael Wolf

Managing Director, Experience Design & Engineering

KPMG in the U.S.


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The ability to quickly develop and deliver scalable, reliable software provides a competitive advantage to customer-centric companies. In industries as diverse as financial services, public sector, and health sciences, Information Technology (IT) leaders are transforming legacy, siloed, and slow IT operating models into integrated, business-driven engines that power performance, create agility, and manage and even reduce risk. How you deploy and deliver your services leveraging the technology and leading, agile methods is critical to winning customers, revenue, and market share. 

Combining DevOps culture and tooling with SRE methods and roles helps IT become customer-centric.

A reliable, secure, and scalable public cloud infrastructure is central to the business goals of agile companies. But IT leaders must go further, updating their software development lifecycle (SDLC) with DevOps and site reliability engineering (SRE) capabilities to become  a modern delivery organization. DevOps  not only helps streamline and accelerates software, artificial intelligence, and data science development to improve time to market; it also enables teams to build systems that meet the business’s needs while improving security, reducing risks, increasing quality, speeding recovery from failure, and enhancing cost controls. SRE culture, processes, and tools help create scalable teams and help deliver highly reliable systems with an emphasis on availability, latency, performance, and capacity. 

KPMG LLP (KPMG) views this confluence of changing methods as modern delivery. To meet these complex challenges, modern delivery takes a more holistic approach to solution development and delivery—including agile, DevOps, cloud native architecture, and SRE. It also includes moving core activities such as testing, security, compliance, and risk management up the value stream to create inherently secure and auditable solutions. Modern delivery takes these often disconnected elements and assembles them into a unified model, enabling the entire organization to rapidly and continuously deliver value. It also involves a culture and organizational shift. Where change and evolution is the new norm, modern delivery is part of the constantly evolving DNA of the organization.  

KPMG can help your IT organization create a thorough transformation plan based on Google Cloud Platform tools that make the adoption of modern delivery actionable by cultivating shared processes across geographically distributed teams. Whether you want to extract more value from the Google Cloud Platform, deliver more reliable services, improve developer workflows, tackle cultural and procedural changes, or implement SRE methods, KPMG can help you navigate the complexities of new technology adoption.

Modernize delivery and operations with KPMG

In a world where technology is responsible for advancing and winning business, CIOs look to KPMG to make IT a business enabler. KPMG’s Modern Delivery services help IT achieve market speed, reduce failed deployments, and create a culture of continuous improvement. Leveraging a multidisciplinary team with experience in risk, audit, digital enablement, cybersecurity, and people, KPMG evaluates your organization’s capabilities against leading practices, firm objectives, and culture. Using these ground-level findings and driven by business aspiration, we then build a transformation plan that is cognizant of your workforce skills, industry, customers, value streams, and tech stack so you build the future of your IT with a practical roadmap.

Google’s approach to software engineering, development, and operations give companies the framework to try ideas quickly without the cost of building  the bunkers.

Developing in and for the cloud enables IT groups  to deploy new solutions, gather rapid feedback,  and evolve solutions while helping reduce risk and increase quality. Companies using—or considering—Google Cloud Platform can leverage KPMG guidance to realize these benefits faster. Experienced professionals assist you in building an engineering culture with advanced DevOps and SRE elements beginning with objectives and key results (OKRs) and extending to SRE job roles and families—all of which enable you to shift system testing timelines to the left. KPMG can also guide your organization to derive explicit value from Google Cloud Platform tools such as Cloud Build, Google Kubernetees Engine, and Container Registry, or help you build your own pipelines using open source tools on the Google Cloud Platform. Working together with KPMG, your development, testing, security, and IT audit teams can become product focused, achieve business alignment, streamline interactions, and standardize reporting for digital-age governance that tracks adoption and impact. 

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