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Delivering ROI with Enterprise Automation

Delivering ROI with Enterprise Automation




Principal, Technology Enablement & Automation

KPMG in the U.S.


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Today's enterprises are under pressure to transform digitally. Globalization has increased competition. Tight labor markets are forcing companies to produce more with fewer resources. And emerging market trends are requiring enterprises to react swiftly—or miss out on new opportunities.

In response to these challenges, many organizations are embracing new—and disruptive—digital business models. But IT leaders don’t necessarily feel ready. In a recent Gartner study, 59% of the participating IT professionals said their IT organization is unprepared for the digital business of the next two years.

The reason? A perfect storm of complex technology integrations, legacy systems, siloed data, and dated business processes. Together, these factors prevent organizations from achieving the agility needed to launch new products and services, update technology stacks, and incorporate new product functionality.

Large enterprises, for example, have hundreds of business systems, diverse product lines, distinct business units, and multiple data silos. This complex IT infrastructure makes it difficult to respond quickly to emerging customer needs and market fluctuations.

Fortunately, the right enterprise automation strategy can provide companies with the flexibility and speed to build compelling apps and deliver unified customer experiences, even in the face of complex technology environments.

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