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KPMG Government Programs Managed Services

KPMG Government Programs Managed Services

Providing emerging biotech and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers support in the management of their government operations.

Providing emerging biotech & pharma drug manufacturers in mgmt of their govt operations.

Are you preparing to launch your drug in the U.S. market? It’s critical that your organization takes the necessary steps along the path to commercialization for a successful launch. An important and growing segment of the U.S. market involves government payer programs. While it used to be a fraction of the market, now up to 50% of Americans are covered under federally-funded programs like Medicaid, Medicare, the VA and 340B. However, despite this preeminence in the market, many companies have limited understanding of the government market and the regulatory requirements to participate in these programs. Also, risks of non-compliance are a key consideration for pharmaceutical manufacturers, as is the cost of infrastructure for government operations, including systems and the staff with appropriate expertise in the programs. For these reasons, many emerging and existing manufacturers are looking at outsourced government operations through a managed services model.

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