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KPMG and Amazon Web Services | Make a strategic move to the cloud

KPMG and Amazon Web Services | Make a strategic move

The cloud changes the way you do business.



Greg Marchese


KPMG in the U.S.


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As a positive disruptive force, the cloud transforms how you innovate and experiment, generate new revenue, compete for talent, interact with customers, and comply with regulations. It also empowers new IT operating models by lowering capital expenditures, increasing scalability, and providing affordable access to cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, data lakes and analytics, and mobile services.

Businesses—including your competitors—are moving to the cloud. According to a 2018 survey report by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), enterprises are gradually divesting from their data centers and moving application workloads to the cloud. In 2016, 60.9 percent of applications workloads were still in enterprise data centers. By the end of 2018, however, fewer than half (46.2 percent) will remain there.(1) This shift is due both to new applications being deployed in the cloud and to enterprises migrating existing applications there.

While the cloud offers the ability to focus on your core business while worrying less about day-to-day operations, choosing the best path for migrating and deploying applications requires careful consideration. Business executives need cloud migration to align with corporate strategy and business processes. IT leaders face change management concerns for legacy architectures, applications, and processes. Finance managers want to manage costs and sprawl. And all share concerns about security, compliance, data protection and regulatory requirements.

KPMG LLP has entered an alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in order to help clients address these concerns while providing an accelerated, business-first transition to the cloud. AWS provides a set of services—such as computing power, storage options, networking, and databases—all delivered as an on-demand, immediately available utility with a pay-as- you-go pricing model. KPMG’s cross-industry, business transformation experience and strengths in strategy and planning can reduce your time to market for both cloud native application development and migration of applications and data. The strengths of KPMG, in combination with AWS solutions, can help accelerate your company’s strategic transition to the cloud.

AWS: a reliable, secure cloud services platform

When businesses turn to the cloud, they frequently choose AWS.(2) With more than 1 million customers, AWS offers a hybrid, scalable public cloud that’s designed for security and compliance to companies of different sizes and industries. AWS provides:

  • A platform for many use cases: More than 50 services—from data warehousing to deployment tools, directories to content delivery—are available with AWS. New services are quick to provision, without up-front capital expense, providing access to the building blocks you need to respond quickly to changing business requirements.
  • Deep features: A wide range of database engines, server configurations, encryption, and powerful big data tools let you stay focused on your core business, and not on managing infrastructure.
  • Hybrid capabilities: Deep features, dedicated connectivity, identity federation, and integrated tools enable you to run hybrid applications both on premises and on cloud services, increasing your options for how to strategically transition to the cloud.
  • Strong security: AWS features security certification and accreditation, data encryption at rest and in- transit, hardware security modules, and strong physical security, providing the ability for clients to have their IT infrastructure managed more securely.
  • Compliance and governance: Controlling, auditing, and managing identity, configuration, and usage are built into the AWS Cloud, helping you meet your compliance, governance, and regulatory requirements. In addition, AWS brings rich controls, auditing capabilities, and security accreditations.

With popular solutions that include application hosting, backup and storage, content delivery, website hosting, databases, machine learning, analytics, Internet of Things, and serverless computing, the AWS cloud computing platform provides the flexibility to launch your application, regardless of use case or industry.

KPMG: Bespoke, accelerated, and secure cloud solutions

Realizing benefits from the cloud requires careful planning about where and how to properly apply cloud technologies. KPMG’s detailed, methodical approach to cloud transformation takes you from strategy and high-level solution design all the way to solution implementation and continuous improvement. KPMG offers extensive knowledge and established capabilities to help you migrate securely to the cloud, including:

  • Industry knowledge: KPMG’s industry- focused professionals understand unique industry processes, risks, and regulatory requirements—and how cloud technology can be specifically applied to provide competitive advantage.
  • Transformation experience: With the skills to examine strategy and business processes, KPMG professionals help companies to rethink products, services, and even entire business models in a cloud-first, all-digital world.
  • Compliance acumen: Blending risk and regulatory know-how with technical innovation, KPMG can help improve your decision making and anticipate change.
  • Cloud-transformation framework: With more than 65 live projects on AWS, across 55 clients, KPMG has a well-established, repeatable cloud transformation framework to deliver enhanced solutions with accelerated delivery timelines.
  • Change management: Moving to the cloud is about more than just IT implementation; KPMG addresses the aspects of change from operational to cultural.
  • AWS knowledge: KPMG delivers business and technology integration with a robust and growing number of consultants with AWS certification and experience.

KPMG can help you develop cloud-based strategies for a variety of areas—including DevOps, data and analytics, and artificial intelligence and machine learning—that address business transformation, security, and risk management. By combining its deep technical skills and breadth of regulatory and industry knowledge with cloud services offered through AWS, KPMG works with you to build and deliver customized, accelerated, and secure cloud solutions.

Transform and grow with KPMG and AWS

Working with AWS, KPMG is delivering reliable services that can rapidly transform your business and facilitate growth in a cloud environment you can trust. KPMG’s offerings include:

  • Cloud strategy services: to help you assess, design, and plan for strategic utilization of cloud services so you can enhance the impact of the AWS cloud services platform for your specific needs.
  • Cloud native development: to build new enterprise solutions designed to take advantage of AWS features and solutions.
  • Cloud migration services: to design and plan for the migration of applications and data to AWS using tested program delivery services and technical teams skilled in digital enablement.
  • Software-as-a-service: migration to move off-the-shelf applications to the cloud.

KPMG provides the strategy and services that give you the freedom to transform your business at your own pace and enable you to reduce risk, costs, and stress to your organization. Because the solutions are built using AWS services, you can be confident that your applications are running on a cloud services platform designed for security that can offer compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help your business scale and grow. Working together, KPMG and AWS can accelerate the development and delivery of strategic cloud-based solutions for transforming your business.


(1) Cloud Security Alliance, “Custom Applications and IaaS Trends.” April 2018.

(2) Synergy Research Group, “Cloud Growth Rate Increased Again in Q1; Amazon Maintains Market Share Dominance.” April 27, 2018.

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