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Reimagine your claims process | The Auto Physical Damage (APD) solution powered by Google Cloud

Reimagine your claims process

How machine learning, automation, and analytics can transform your claim process, improve customer experience, and reduce costs.



Gary Plotkin


KPMG in the U.S.


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Address the challenges of claim handling

Processing claims from auto accidents - or Auto Physical Damange (APD) claim handling - makes up a significant portion of insurers' loss adjustment expense. However, the ultra-competitive auto insurance industry creates downward pressure on rates, making expense control imperative.

The time and cost associated with APD appraisals and estimates results from a dependence on specialized labor, data collected via various channels, and multiple information hand-offs—often resulting in a customer experience that feels inefficient and disjointed. At the same time, customers’ expectations are rising; they want a seamless reporting experience, faster claim processing, and rapid reimbursement. That experience does not include taking time out from their busy schedules to make an appointment, and drive to a carriers’ repair shop network.

Exciting, new technologies provide the opportunity to innovate and transform the old processes. The most cutting-edge auto insurance companies are using:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to enhance human judgment and impact.
  • Automation to speed execution and concentrate specialized workers on decision making. 
  • User-friendly APIs to expand management’s consideration set.
  • Photo, voice, and social information to provide 24 hour service, and mobile apps for transparency into where customers are in the claims journey. These leaders prioritize tools that improve key outcomes—including cost, retention, and bind rate—and quickly iterate from proof-of-concept tests to operations.

KPMG and Google’s APD Appraiser solution enables your company to establish fast, reliable processes for claim processing by leveraging tested technology and experienced professionals. Built on Google Cloud, the solution uses Google Cloud’s Vehicle Damage Detector API and other APIs as well as advanced ML with image recognition, anomaly detection capabilities to analyze auto damage, and natural language processing to interpret interactions between customers and the insurer. KPMG tailors these appraisal insights to your unique business. With the APD Appraiser solution, you can automate and expedite claim settlement, reducing costs and delivering world-class customer experiences.

Google Cloud: ML as a core competency

Google Cloud has achieved rapid growth by applying ML—including search ranking, photo search, speech recognition, language translations, video recommendations, image search and more—to its own business. Now, you can apply Google Cloud’s industry- leading ML to transform your auto insurance business.

Developed in Google Cloud’s ML Advanced Solutions Lab, the Vehicle Damage Detector (VDD) is an innovative model that can recognize images specific to auto accidents, detecting anomalies and damage from the photos. Immediately after an accident, customers report claims directly to the mobile app or customer portal, taking and submitting photos of the damage.

The VDD is powered by robust, advanced algorithms that can assess the extent of damage by analyzing the photo submissions—controlling for the angle of view, reflections, or glare. It then predicts parts for replacement, estimating the extent of the damage (and the confidence of the VDD assessment) using an appraisal API that can be integrated into any third-party, damage estimation platform.

KPMG: Experience with data, AI, and auto insurance

KPMG embeds Google Cloud’s Vehicle Damage Detector API in your business process, technology environment, and aligning it to your customer strategy. We will tap into your unique claims approval process data to train the appraisal model to accurately and consistently estimate repair costs. KPMG data and analytics specialists help you consider where the data comes from, and how it is ingested and governed.

KPMG professionals can then rapidly integrate the appraisals and estimates from Google Cloud’s VDD into your claims process.

KPMG’s Ignite platform—a portfolio of AI capabilities—and the Ignite design centers develop or extend mobile apps and customer portals that drive trust and engagement. These customer experiences not only feed the ML solution with data to drive answers, but improve customers’ lives after a stressful automobile accident.

In addition to strong data and AI capabilities, KPMG brings leading auto insurance industry experience to your claims process transformation. KPMG’s professionals have tools, techniques, business process designs, and data artifacts accelerate analytics implementation for claim triage, fraud detection, AI reserving, underwriting, and exposure audit. After KPMG integrates the solution with your backend systems and workflows, your claim process will leverage new ML insights for smoother, more cost-effective settlement.

Automate and transform your claims process

The APD Appraiser solution from KPMG integrates Google’s VDD into your claims process to automate the identification, appraisal, assessment and processing of vehicle damage. KPMG Data and Analytics services deliver a rapid implementation, and desired downstream customizations—which include incorporating VDD results into internal triage and scoring models and workflow improvements. Claims are analyzed with a high degree of accuracy because the solution recognizes damage to vehicle parts, leveraging Google’s ML and extensive photo library. With the APD Appraiser solution, you can transform your claim process, dramatically improve customer experience, and reduce costs.

Potential benefits to your business

  • KPMG and Google’s APD Appraiser solution can dramatically improve your claim process.
  • Improve the customer experience by quickly returning repaired cars to their drivers.
  • Improve appraiser productivity by increasing the number of claims each appraiser can handle.
  • More accuracy in damaged part identification, across body styles, photo quality and light conditions.
  • Reduce rental car costs by accelerating the claim cycle.
  • Reduce fraudulent claims by identifying patterns in data and recognizing anomalies.

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