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KPMG and Ping Identity | Web access management modernization

KPMG and Ping Identity | Web access management

Modernizing legacy Identity and Access Management (IAM) enables support of new modern applications, cloud deployment, and APIs to drive new digital business initiatives that reduce cost and improve productivity.



Jacob Pszonowsky
Jacob Pszonowsky

Advisory Principal

KPMG in the U.S.


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Accommodating remote employees, complex partnerships, modern protocols, mobile applications and the cloud were not requirements when legacy vendors built IAM systems for employees accessing resources within the firewall.

Today, these legacy Web Access Management (WAM) solutions are creating challenges in many organizations, including:

  • Performance problems, outages, and access/security deficiencies that hamper user productivity
  • Excessive legacy IAM support, license and administrative costs and complexity
  • Preventing and/or delaying rollout and access to diverse cloud, API, and mobile applications.

KPMG and Ping Identity, Inc. – What sets us apart

Together, KPMG LLP (KPMG) and Ping Identity, Inc. are collaborating to help organizations plan, architect, configure, and implement secure, enterprise-grade modern IAM solutions that support digital transformation and enhance organization’s security compliance posture.

The Ping Identity, Inc. and KPMG alliance provides clients with flexible, large-scale identity and access management solutions for the enterprise as well as secure access solutions that enable a wide range of digital transformation initiatives.

Together, KPMG and Ping Identity, Inc. enable organizations to modernize WAM solutions and enable organizations to:

  • Centralize access management for Web applications and APIs
  • Support new initiatives with open standards and deployment flexibility while reducing administrative costs
  • Improve employee and partner productivity by giving users easy access to the resources they need.

KPMG services

KPMG’s cyber and cross-functional professionals help enable clients to implement a secure, enterprise-wide approach to modernize legacy IAM solutions. Our services include:

WAM modernization strategy

  • Assess alignment of current IAM implementation to the business vision and industry leading practices and identify gaps.
  • Conduct capability and maturity assessment.
  • Assist with development of a business-aligned IAM strategy and road map, business case, policies, standards, target operating model, and key performance indicators to support centralized access control.

IAM vendor evaluation and selection assistance

  • Evaluate core requirements to select IAM and cloud technologies to help clients achieve their WAM modernization goals.
  • Special attention is paid to support open standards, ease of integration, and delivery for high availability and scalability.

IAM requirements, architecture, and design

  • Assist with development of IAM requirements that are custom to your enterprise’s unique technology architecture and complex user populations.
  • Our cross-functional professionals use KPMG’s reference architecture to help build a tailored WAM modernization solution with diverse business offerings and services.

IAM implementation and adoption support

  • Assist with the implementation of products and services based on the requirements and architecture
    designed for WAM modernization.
  • Assist with conducting road shows and internal communications. Our change management professionals help manage people and process change; our analysts support rapid application onboarding; and our subject matter professionals assist with technical onboarding and migration.

KPMG Access Management Orchestration Suite (KAMOS) is a toolkit that is tightly integrated with Ping Identity’s
Ping Access and PingFederate solutions.

  • Policy migration module provides capabilities for automatically mapping existing legacy WAM policies and agent configurations and enables an authorized administrator to efficiently move these objects interactively into PingAccess and Ping Federate.
  • Policy test module provides capabilities to test policies for accuracy and performance before deploying them across the network.
  • Policy promotion module provides the system administrator the capability to promote (push) policies across lower environments and into production.
  • Monitoring dashboard module provides runtime components of the platform scalability.

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for KPMG audit clients and their affiliates or related entities. Any trademarks or service marks herein are the property of their respective owners.

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