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KPMG and Ping Identity | Customer identity and access management

KPMG and Ping Identity | Customer identity and access

Enhancing customer engagement is a top digital business initiative for enterprises, but those engaging experiences must be secure and consistent across all channels and applications. Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) is the foundation for secure and smooth multichannel customer engagement.



Jacob Pszonowsky
Jacob Pszonowsky

Advisory Principal

KPMG in the U.S.


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Organizations are elevating their approach to digital identity management beyond a traditional security focus to transform the way they deliver value to customers.

CIAM solutions help organizations identify a customer across the business relationship life cycle while enabling insights into customer behaviors, leading to a more consistent, personalized, secure, and smooth customer experience.

CIAM solutions also provide the ability to support digital services across multiple engagement channels at extreme scale and performance.

KPMG LLP (KPMG) blends deep domain experience, risk management methodologies, and certified technical specialists to help you plan, architect, configure, and implement enterprise-grade, secure CIAM solutions.

KPMG and Ping Identity, Inc. – What sets us apart

The Ping Identity, Inc. and KPMG alliance provides clients with flexible, large-scale identity and access management solutions for the enterprise as well as secure access solutions that help to enable a wide range of digital transformation initiatives.

The Ping Identity Platform can be deployed in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid IT environments. Able to scale to hundreds of millions of identities, this unified standards-based platform provides access management, multifactor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), access security, data governance, directory, and data sync capabilities.

Together, KPMG and Ping Identity enable organizations to grant employees, business partners and customers, simple, secure access to cloud, mobile and enterprise applications.

Business drivers for CIAM:

  • Digital business transformation
  • Security risk reduction
  • Internet of Things (IoT) adoption
  • Privacy regulatory compliance
  • Mobile application development and delivery
  • Partnership, merger, and acquisition activity


  • Self-service registration. Convenient self-service registration, account management and account recovery features
  • Single Sign-on (SSO). Simple, common customer authentication enables access to internal and partner applications
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA). Secure, convenient MFA that can be embedded into your own mobile application
  • Unified profile across channels. One unified view of the customer from disparate identity repositories that is accessible to all applications
  • Scale and performance. Low-latency, high-performance access to identity and profile data from many millions of customers
  • Privacy management. Helps to ensure privacy and regulatory compliance by enforcing customer consent and governing access to identity data on an attribute-by-attribute level
  • End-to-end security. Secure customer identity and profile data from authentication to the data layer.

KPMG services

KPMG’s cyber and cross-functional professionals can help clients implement a secure, enterprise-wide approach in managing customers’ digital identities and improving customer experience across many channels. KPMG’s CIAM service covers a spectrum of value realization:

Customer IAM strategy

  • Assess alignment of current IAM implementation to the business vision and industry leading practices and identify gaps.
  • Conduct capability and maturity assessment.
  • Assist with development of a business-aligned IAM strategy and CIAM road map, business case, policies, standards, target operating model, and key performance indicators to support enterprise-wide CIAM investment and adoption.

IAM vendor evaluation and selection assistance activities

  • Evaluate core requirements to assess IAM and cloud technologies to help clients achieve their CIAM goals. Special attention is paid to support open standards, ease of integration, and delivery for high availability and scalability.

IAM requirements, architecture, and design

  • Assist with development of CIAM requirements. Our cross-functional professionals use KPMG’s reference architecture to help build a tailored CIAM approach with diverse business offerings and services.

IAM implementation and adoption support

  • Assist with the implementation of products and services based on the requirements and architecture designed for CIAM.
  • Assist with conducting road shows and internal communications. Our change management professionals help manage people and process change; our analysts support rapid application onboarding; and our subject matter professionals assist with technical onboarding and migration.

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