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KPMG Research Credit Services with IBM Watson

KPMG Research Credit Services with IBM Watson



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Transforming the speed and ROI of generating tax credits

KPMG’s dedicated Research Credit Services team combined with IBM Watson® cognitive technology can help companies to increase the volume and success in capturing R&D tax credit subsidies by reviewing more documentation, quicker, and with minimal disruption to your business.

The Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit rewards your company for investing in product and process improvements in the United States, and it can provide sizeable financial benefits - 10 percent or more of your qualified R&D spending. However, the process of qualifying research activities and expenses, and substantiating claims for credits is often cumbersome, requiring substantial manpower to meet statutory standards. By providing robust, higher-quality IRS-ready documentation, we can help you can meet this burden of proof to successfully claim and retain the financial credits. And we do this with minimal business disruption, so your engineers can stay focused on their R&D activities.

With our solution, more of your documentation can be reviewed, which means greater potential to uncover additional R&D activities and expenses that qualify for credit. All this, in turn, may possibly produce improved cash flow, reduced tax liability, and increased earnings per share (EPS).

Together, KPMG and IBM Watson increase your confidence in the documentation behind your R&D credit claim and increase the speed and ROI in your R&D tax credit process. 

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