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The startup CFO's road map | Turning strategy into operations

Turning strategy into operations

A section from "The startup CFO's road map to success"

The startup CFO's road map to success

“You should know your numbers at all times: actuals, plan, and latest best estimates/forecasts. Your command of the numbers is key to effectively navigating the ship.”

Turning strategy into operations

As a new CFO establishes his or her role, key finance functions and responsibilities must be assumed, maintained, and—where possible—improved. From budgeting, cash flow, and forecasting to tax strategies and risk assessment, new CFOs will be expected to deliver on the business strategy, transforming and growing the finance function while simultaneously improving operational control.

This section of the guide addresses:

  • Maximizing working capital efficiency
  • The right financing at the right time
  • Key areas of focus

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About "The startup CFO's road map to success"

We sat down with more than a dozen experienced CFOs to find out what their biggest challenges were when they started their new role, what they learned, what they might do differently the next time, and what they wish they had known. As a result of the extensive interviews, we developed this guide to help financial executives, CEOs, and board members by offering critical insights into establishing the startup CFO’s role in their organization. At KPMG, we want to make you and your organization a success from day 1.

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