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The right CFO at the right time

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The startup CFO's road map to success

“VC investors often expect the CFO to be a mentor to the CEO, particularly when they are a founder with deep product or technical talent.”

The right CFO at the right time: Are you set for success?

Every venture-backed company’s path to hiring its first CFO is different. Is the position needed for growth? Is the role required by new investors? How might a CFO be key to strategy?

Clearly, there is no one trigger for hiring a CFO. But our interviews and our experience suggest that in every growth company’s evolution, there are events and milestones that will require the capabilities and skills of a senior finance professional. And that means every company will have different expectations for their new CFO.

Skills and capabilities must be aligned. Companies that already boast strong management teams may be looking for a CFO who can bring technical finance experience and capabilities. Other companies may be seeking a CFO who embraces the more operational facets of a business.

This section of the guide addresses:

  • Understanding the expectations of the role
  • Assessing the kind of CFO you will be
  • Key areas of focus 

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About "The startup CFO's road map to success"

We sat down with more than a dozen experienced CFOs to find out what their biggest challenges were when they started their new role, what they learned, what they might do differently the next time, and what they wish they had known. As a result of the extensive interviews, we developed this guide to help financial executives, CEOs, and board members by offering critical insights into establishing the startup CFO’s role in their organization. At KPMG, we want to make you and your organization a success from day 1.

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